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Watch Richard from West Los Angles, CA Comments

Leo says that Yahoo has been struggling, going through multiple CEOs and losing a lot of market share. They've hired Marissa Mayer to turn things around and she has been killing some features, but Calendar isn't one of them. Richard may have disabled it in settings.

The new Yahoo Mail is an application now, according to the chatroom, and he'll need to re-add the tab from the applications link.

Watch Chris from Charlotte, NC Comments

Chris' father keeps getting a text message from Facebook, and it appears to be legit, but his dad doesn't even have a Facebook account. Leo says that somebody may have their phone numbers mixed up and keeps adding Chris' dad's phone number to their account. If his dad has a new cellphone number, the number may have been used by someone on Facebook and that's why he's getting it.

He could try replying to the text with 'STOP' or 'OFF' and that might stop the messages. At least until the next time they add the number. The Chatroom says he can call Verizon and request disabling of "Short codes." That could get rid of this too.

Facebook has something called "login approvals" which prevent users with stolen passwords to log in from another device. That may be why Chris' dad keeps getting texts. He could try creating a Facebook account, add that number and approve it, and that may stop it. Leo recommends using login approvals in Facebook anyway, since it secures the account better.

Watch John from Decatur, GA Comments

He'll probably need to go into his router settings to open up a port to allow incoming connections to his server. He'll need to specify which port, according to the server software. It's called "port forwarding". There's information from America's Army.

Watch Phil from Roseville, CA Comments

Leo says that this is a powerful way to get the word out, but he should remember that he may not have control over who shows up. A teen recently promoted her party through social media for her birthday party and thousands showed up, and so did the police after someone called them.

He also wants to track how people found out about it. Leo does this with his ads by providing a 'code' that people use when they go to that advertiser. Tracking is a good way to find out what has been most effective.

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Watch Tom from San Diego, CA Comments

Tom bought a CD burner with a SATA connection and he can't use it with his IDE connector. Leo says Tom needs an IDE CD burner. The best thing to do, however, would be to just get an external USB CD burner.

Tom also is wondering about needing a driver for it. Leo says he shouldn't need one, but it will come with a lite version of CD burning software like Roxio CD Creator. Leo says physical media is dying, so it may reach a point where they will be hard to find.

Watch Chuck from Greensboro, NC Comments

Leo says don't wait. It's probably not going to be here until fall of 2013, because Apple doesn't typically release new iPhones sooner than a year. Even then, the iPhone 5S would probably only have marginal improvements over the iPhone 5.

Watch Mike from Lexington, KY Comments

Mike has been a long time iPhone fan, but when the iPhone 5 came out, he didn't buy it because he's tired of the small screen size.

Leo loves the Galaxy Note II, and the Galaxy SIII. Regardless of what Mike gets, it has to run Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Leo also advises going to the AT&T store to hold the phones to see which one feels good in his hand.

Watch Michael from Paris, CA Comments

There's no way to get the data or reset the password for TrueCrypt, which is one reason why it's so good and secure. If he can give up the data, then he should be able to format the hard drive. A low level, quick format won't wipe the drive. He'll have to do a full, deep format and partition it. Leo advises Derik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) to wipe it clean. If that doesn't work, then Leo says the password may be a hard drive or BIOS password, and that's another hassle altogether.

Watch Ron from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ron put an image of his hard drive on a thumb drive, and when he tried to restore that image, there was a corrupt file that wouldn't let him proceed. He had to restore from a backup he made 3 months prior to that one. Leo says this is why having a secondary backup for data is such a good idea.

Imaging is a good part of an overall backup strategy, but it's important to have a backup he can look at and see each file. An image won't work like that. Images are great for backing up the OS and programs in the case of a drive failure, but data is best backed up to an external hard drive.

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Watch Shawn from Long Beach, CA Comments

Shawn has a business selling novelty gifts and selling them online, then fulfilling them in his garage. He needs an access point for his garage.

Leo says a WDS (wireless distribution system) is what Shawn needs to use. Then he should put a repeater about 3/4 of the way to pass the signal on. Ideally, he'll want an Apple Airport Extreme, but any router can do it. Leo advises using the same manufacturer for the router and repeater.

Shawn's business is called My Modern MixTape, which is a USB Drive that looks like a cassette tape!

Watch Don from Aurora, CO Comments

Leo says that while most laptops should have Bluetooth, it's possible that the Pavilion doesn't have it. In fact, the Chatroom says that their DV7s don't have it. There is a switch on the laptop that disables the radios, so it may be that the laptop switch is just disabled.

Go into the device manager and see if it has Bluetooth built in. Here's a technote that may help.

Click Start, and enter "HP Wireless" in the search field. He can also download the .

He could also try getting the Bluetooth Enabler from HP.

Don is also visually impaired, and recommends NVDA screen reader as the best alternative to the more expensive JAWS.

Watch Bart from Yucaipa, CA Comments

Leo suggests contacting the school directly, particularly the book store to see what they advise and what deals they have going on for incoming students. Also talk to the chairman of the engineering department and seek their recommendation for what they are using at the school. If it's Windows, and it likely is, then Leo advises sticking with a Windows 7 laptop. Leo also recommends getting a Kensington lock to prevent theft.

Leo's a fan of Lenovo, Dell, and Asus. Those are three very good brands. He'll also want to figure out if he wants a light ultra book, or more of a 'desktop replacement' class of laptop. He probably won't need a printer, but that's another thing to find out.

Laptops are often also used as home theater systems in dorms for many students. It may be important to get one with a decent sized screen, Blu-ray disc player, and external speakers as well.

Watch Steve from Orange County, CA Comments

Steve wants a good compact camera that he can take quick pictures with, and also works well in low light. Leo says that cameras have gotten faster and shutter lag is almost gone. When dealing with "pocket to picture" or power on time, that's still a challenge. Shooting in burst mode is a good thing as well.

  • Sony Cybershot DSC-600
  • This is a good camera, but pricey. It has great low light performance.

  • Sony RX100
  • This camera has a 1" sensor and low light to f1.8. That's really fast.

  • Canon S100
  • This is about half the price of the Sony.

  • Olympus XZ-1
  • The Chatroom says this camera is very fast.

Leo recommends going to and to find the specs he needs and read some good unbiased reviews.

Watch Enrique from San Diego, CA Comments

Enrique has been using Sprint's Push to Talk feature from the US to Mexico, but it's being discontinued and he needs an alternative. Sprint will be replacing Nextel PTT with a version using LTE, but that's still just on the horizon.

Leo suggests looking for an app that will take it's place on a smartphone. There's an app called Zello (iOS). It's also available on Android, Blackberry, and even PC. Enrique may even wind up liking it more.