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Episode 933 December 8, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Mike from South Pasadena, CA Comments

iHeart Radio is a radio app for Clear Channel Radio Stations, available on computers, phones, or internet connected radios. Leo says that running a computer with a braille keyboard would make it easy to use the computer online. He could use a screen reader like JAWS, but it isn't cheap.

A good, affordable way is to use a smartphone like the iPhone running Siri. Both iPhone and Android also has special assistive features that will read the phone screen for him.

Ellie, our friend from, is nearly blind and she says that the iPhone is the best for assistive phone features.

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Watch Audie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

According to Leo, this is often the sign of a virus. Audie thought so too, and decided to format his hard drive and start over, but it won't format. Leo says that there must be flaws on the drive causing this, and they could be in the master boot record or another non destructible sector. He may be able to switch it out with a replacement drive - they're not that expensive. If it's not replaceable, then a recovery utility like SpinRite may be his only solution.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike is using Google in Firefox and cannot get search results if he has javascript enabled. If he disables javascript, it's all fine. It doesn't do this in Chrome or IE, and he's disabled all of his add-ons. He even tried using it in Firefox Safe Mode, but the same problem persists. He also has up to date antivirus on his computer, and is keeping Windows up to date.

Leo says it's possible that something, such as an exploit using javascript, is getting in the way. It could be malware using javascript to try intercepting the search queries. He could try resetting Firefox, and try creating a new profile. If that doesn't work, then uninstalling it and reinstalling it should work.

Watch Pete from Riverside, CA Comments

Leo says that this is coming. Dish Network is starting a mobile company that will offer data only. This is where all the mobile companies are trying to go, dropping voice altogether and sticking with the high speed data networks like 4G & LTE.

Watch Lorenzo from Keyport, NJ Comments

Lorenzo's wife wants a Google Chromebook, but he wonders if it's really worth it. Leo says it is if he gets the Samsung model. It's important to know that the Chromebook is just a computer with a built-in web browser. So his wife would have to live on the web. For basic web surfing, it's certainly enough of a computer though. The issue is going to be finding it, though, because Google has sold out of them.

Watch Tony from Buffalo, NY Comments

Tony is having trouble with Safari and his magic mouse scrolling on the home page. Once he gets past the home page, it's all fine. Leo says that the page is the problem. Leo even tried scrolling in their home page, and it wouldn't work for him either. Whoever created the page disabled scrolling in javascript and Leo says that's just stupid! At least it isn't Tony's fault, though.

Watch Jacob from Glendora, CA Comments

Jacob is looking to get an iPad mini to replace his iPod touch. Leo says he loves the size and it's essentially an iPod Maxi. The only downside is that it doesn't have a retina screen. Leo really likes it, especially while traveling.

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Watch Jay from Whittier, CA Comments

This is because of copy protection. To play back a Blu-ray and project it, all of his hardware has to be compatible with HDCP copy protection. Anything in the chain will throw it off. Leo says that unless the laptop has an HDMI connection, it's likely that it won't support it. In fact, Powerlight is largely for powerpoint presentations. Another thing to try is turning off hardware acceleration. He could try the mirroring feature with the projector as the primary display.

Watch Rick from California Comments

Rick says his XP machine got bit by malware, and the utility he used to fix it was also malware. Leo says that it may not be, but modern malware attaches itself to critical system files, causing the drivers to disappear and lose internet connectivity. It's likely the malware utility didn't even fix it and more malware is being installed without his knowledge.

The only real safe way to solve the issue is to back up his data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source. Then he should update it until there's no critical updates remaining to install. It's the only way to be sure he has gotten all of the malware off his system.

He should get a good antivirus utility like Nod32 or Microsoft Security Essentials.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Ray from Ashland, KY Comments

Ray has a Facebook page for his business that users can access with a QR code. Recently, the code has been forwarding to a login page and won't let customers access the page unless they log in.

Leo says it could be that Ray used a computer that was already logged into Facebook or had a cookie for that when he tested it. Facebook also could have changed security settings that requires logging into Facebook for the page. Users can probably get to the page if the click close on the login screen, but that's not the point. It's not a good idea to solely rely on Facebook for business. It's OK to be on Facebook, but his customers should ideally be going to his own website, not Facebook.

Watch Letty from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Letty would like to unbundle her services from Time Warner and use another internet service. She also wants to get DSL without phone service. Leo says if she asks for "Dry Loop DSL," the phone company will give it to her. Actually, they are required to even though they don't like it.

Watch Miriam from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Miriam uses Hotmail and she's getting a split screen, making it hard to read her email. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn't. Leo says that a different browser may solve the issue.