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Episode 932 December 2, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Michele from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Michele has a friend who needs to sync through iTunes, not iCloud. iTunes has removed USB sync for notes, though, forcing users to rely on iCloud to sync.

Leo says that PearNote is an app that doesn't use the Cloud and has a sharing feature through iTunes. Another option is Note Shelf.

Watch Jeremy from Anaheim, CA Comments

Jeremy is a Sprint customer and wants to keep his family unlimited data plan, but he also wants to upgrade to 4G. Leo says to just talk to his rep and let him know that. There's not a lot of 4G options in Sprint, but since they want to keep your business, they'll probably go for it.

Watch Jeremy from Anaheim, CA Comments

The Kindle Fire is just a portal to Amazon. Leo thinks the Google Nexus 7 is a better option because there are far more apps available for it. The advantage to the Fire, though, is that it's stripped down and simpler to use. If he does get the Fire, he should make sure to turn off one-click purchasing or he'd be in for a pretty big surprise.

Watch Garrett from Sarasota, FL Comments

Garrett started a podcast running through Audio HiJack Pro on the Mac. They've now decided to record locally at each end, though. Leo says that's called double-ended recording. Leo doesn't do that because it's a big hassle due to latency. If it's done right, it can sound incredible, but it's a lot of work and takes time to get it just right.

If he wants to use the double-ended recording technique, he could use a clapper board or just a single clap to the microphone to get the tracks in sync. Then he can just line up the clap spikes in the audio waveform while editing and he'll be in sync. Over time, it'll slowly drift out of sync, so about every 25 or 30 minutes he'll need to clap again. It would be better to make sure everyone has quality mics and have each user talk on a separate computer that feeds into a mixer.

He can also improve Skype by making sure everyone has a good connection, and all have good mics such as a Plantronics headset mic or the Blue Yeti with a USB connection. He can use Netalyzer to make sure his connection is sufficient.

Watch Jane from Santa Ana, California Comments

Just about any computer will work for this. Leo likes Dell and Asus. Lenovo is fantastic, especially for business applications. She should get at least 4GB of RAM, and a display resolution of at least 1440x900 would be good for Quicken. Does a solid state drive make the computer last longer, like with Ultra Books? Leo says no, but they are faster. They are more expensive though, too, and would give her less storage space. If speed is important, a solid state drive is fantastic.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Alan from Melbourne, FL Comments

Leo says that's by design. What he needs to do is put the phone into "disk mode," or "MTP mode" so that the computer will see it as a disk to mount. This should be in the settings. If it doesn't mount, try a different cable. If that doesn't do it, then there's something wrong and it could be hardware or software at this point. A driver may not be loading that the phone needs to broadcast that it's there. Resetting the phone will reload that. If that doesn't work, then take the phone back.

Watch Kathy from Tustin, CA Comments

Leo says she really will have to just give that up to get a new phone that has LTE. Since phones are capable of becoming hotspots, Verizon and the other carriers are concerned that people will use their phones as their primary internet connection. This is especially a concern with LTE because in a lot of cases, it's faster than most people's home internet.

The chatroom says if she buys it at the unsubsidized rate, she may be able to hang onto her current plan. It would cost her about $300 more, but it may be worth it to her. Leo says she should just go to the Verizon store and tell them what she wants to do. They should let her keep the plan if she buys it at full price.

Kathy was also wondering about compact cases for the Galaxy Note II. They actually make a case that replaces the back battery cover, and has a leather flap to go over the screen of the phone. Leo likes this one the most because it doesn't make the phone any bigger.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Laura-Beth from Agoura Hills, California Comments

Laura Beth is a photographer who wants to take images of animals and she needs to crop them to specific dimensions for the ASPCA website.

Leo says IrfanView is a great utility for that. She should use the "constrain" option (Shift+Ctrl). She may also want a 4:3 aspect ratio, which will output to 640x480. She will want to resample the picture, not stretch it

Alternatives to Irfanview include:

Leo also recommends creating a Twitter and Instagram account for the shelter.

Watch Bernie from Colorado Comments

Bernie would like to Airplay something from his phone to an iPod Touch. This isn't possible though, Airplay will only work from a phone or iPod to something like an Apple TV. He wants to be able to control the iPod Touch remotely.

There are iPod Docks that have remotes so he could control it from further away. Leo uses the Sonos for that. AppDynamic's AirFrame would let him control two iOS devices.

Watch Duval from Charlotte, NC Comments

He can buy a phone from someplace else, but he would still run the risk of losing his unlimited plan. Leo says there's no way to really 'trick' them, because no matter where he buys the phone, it has to be activated through Verizon. They don't have SIM cards that can just be put into another phone.

If he buys a phone without the subsidy, he may be able to keep the unlimited data, however.

Watch Bill from Vista, CA Comments

Leo says using the Facebook iOS app is a much better experience, and would work better than in the browser. iPads also tend to drop WiFi signals from time to time, which will cause that issue. So using a dedicated app is a better solution.

Watch Phil from Longview, TX Comments

Phil's wife dropped her HTC Android phone into the water. They recovered the phone, but there are images on it that they'd like to get back.

Leo says whenever a phone gets wet, he should pop the battery out immediately and let it dry out for a few weeks. If she turned it on, chances are it fried out the board. Leo doesn't know what exactly got fried, though. It could just be the screen. Leo advises taking it to a third party, like an independent cell phone guy, who can take the phone apart and replace each part one by one until you can get the data off. If the logic board is fried, it's over, and he won't be able to get that data back.

Watch Tom from Temple City, CA Comments

Leo says that it's a common issue and stems from a change in Windows for security purposes. Attachments don't get added unless he enables a setting in GMail that supports Rich Formatting, and enables inline images. Select Rich Formatting above the blank text field, turn it on, and everything should be included next time.