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Episode 929 November 24, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Alan from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Alan is going on vacation and there will be free WiFi at the hotel, and is wondering whether or not it's safe to use. Leo says it depends. If he's doing online banking, then he's using a secure SSL connection. Other services like Facebook, Gmail, etc. are also done securely. However, some services may not be secure.

Leo uses something called the Tiny Hotspot Firewall, which also routes all traffic through a virtual private network (VPN). It's available from HotSpot VPN. A great deal for $99.

Watch Mike from Detroit, MI Comments

Mike bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which he discovered can be converted to a phone just by putting a SIM card into it. So he put his AT&T SIM into it and he uses it all the time. Leo says that's interesting!

It's been one of those things that people want to do with their tablets that they haven't been able to do just now. Imagine if the iPad Mini would be able to do that. Apple will never allow that, though. Samsung, on the other hand, is now doing it to separate itself from Apple.

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Watch Rodney from Glendale, CA Comments

Michael is interested in a virtual private network recommendation. Leo says that OpenVPN is a good, free option.

Leo uses HotSpot VPN, which is $99 and comes with a built in hardware router called the Tiny Hotspot Firewall, which also routes all traffic through a virtual private network (VPN) at 256 bit open vpn.

Watch Barbara from Anaheim, CA Comments

Barbara is looking to buy a tablet that can run Powerpoint for her Granddaughter. Leo says that although Barbara wants to get something that runs Powerpoint, he recommends an iPad. Apple has an app called Keynote that will read and write to Powerpoint files.

She could go with the Windows Surface RT instead. Another option would be the Google Nexus 7, but there's no Powerpoint equivalent on Android. The chatroom says QuickOffice will do it, but Leo doesn't think that's an ideal solution for making presentations. That's why the iPad is the best solution.

Watch Sam from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says Sam probably doesn't have the most recent SDK for iOS. He may have forgotten to provision the iPad beforehand, which is what the SDK does. Another possibility is that the certificate isn't attached to Sam's new computer.

In the chatroom, Web70 says he'll need to go to and revoke his current certificate. Then he needs to recreate a new one. That will fix the issue.

Watch Mark from Fontana, CA Comments

Mark is having trouble getting iTunes Match to replace a lot of his music with higher quality AAC versions. Mark says that he's gotten 70% of his music matched. Leo says 70% isn't bad.

The first thing he should do is make sure those files are higher than 96kb. Then, the music needs to have the songs in it's library. CDs he rips may not be in the iTunes store, and if they aren't, iTunes can't match them. MacWorld has a great guide to using iTunes Match.

Another thing to do is backup all of his music and then delete the music that has been matched and has copy protection. Then run iTunes Match again.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Michael from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Michael's wife is currently overseas and they're keeping in touch using Skype, but she's having trouble getting notified of the conversation through her Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Leo says that the Note 2 has a do not disturb feature called "blocking mode," which may be blocking the incoming notification. On older phones, there's a great app called "Locale" that will do the same thing.

Watch Don from Corona, CA Comments

Leo says he highly recommends this webcam. The only issue Leo has found with Logitech cameras is that some of them do not have Mac drivers. But since Don is using it with Windows, it should work great.

Watch Jeremy from Anaheim, CA Comments

Leo says that the key is to do it in a spreadsheet and then print to PDF. He needs to do it with forms that they already have, though. Leo says Jeremy can import a form into the spreadsheet, or even embed the spreadsheet into the document on Word. CutePDF will let him print to PDF.

Watch Jeremy from Anaheim, CA Comments

After hours and hours of SpinRite attempting to fix Jeremy's drive, it said the operation had failed and proceeding could damage the drive. It could be that the drive is too badly damaged. SpinRite will only work on a very specific issue. It doesn't know about file systems or files, it can run on any format hard drive. It's only trying to read data from a sector, and if it can't read it, it will try harder than normal programs. In many cases it can read that data, and once it does that, it marks that sector unusable and moves the data to another readable sector. If there are other problems with the drive, it may not be able to fix it.

Watch Bruce from Illinois Comments

Bruce is a truck driver and would like to do voicemail and text hands-free on his Android phone. Leo says that both Android and Samsung have features for that. Samsung's Velingo will do it, but Google's voice feature is better. The key is to set it up where he can launch it from his headset. He can put his phone into car/driving mode. There's an app called Iris that will do it as well.

Watch Alan from Orange County, CA Comments

Alan is thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. He's planning on getting DoubleTwist and moving his Calendar and Contacts to Google. Is there anything else he needs to add? Leo says that there's also Locale, which is an equivalent to the Siri geo-fencing. It's $4.99. Leo also says that there's a todo list that works with Locale, called Astrid, that will work as well. There's nothing quite like the Siri integration on the iPhone, however.