Will I be able to get Picture-in-Picture and a web browser on my HDTV?

Episode 928 (20:17)

Tim from Chatanooga, TN

Tim recently bought a Sharp 835U HDTV, but is disappointed that it doesn't have a browser or picture in a picture.

Scott says that in reference to picture in picture, that is a format that is rapidly fading away as DVRs are capable of recording multiple programs at the same time. It's just not a feature that people want anymore. Additionally, Satellite and cable boxes have multiple tuners as a result, freeing TVs to not have to carry that option.

As for browsers, today's TVs are just starting to get a browser, but for Tim, a new Blu-ray player may have the option. A Playstation 3 could act as a blu-ray player, game console, and it's internet capable. However, they don't want people to stream online using the free options when the TV has apps for the pay versions (such as Hulu+). Even if he gets a browser, it will likely be limited.

He'll also need to upgrade his receiver because it's old and doesn't support MPEG4, and his new receiver will most likely have Picture-in-Picture in it.