What Roku box should I get?

Episode 928 (31:23)

Jillian from San Juan Capistrano, CA
Roku 2 XS

Jillian wants to get her daughter a Roku box and router for Christmas. First off, Scott says if her daughter has Wi-Fi, then they already have a router, so there's no need to worry about that. The Roku HD only streams in 720p, so Scott recommends going with the 1080p versions to "future proof it."

The Roku 2 XS has motion control for online games and comes with Angry Birds included. It also has an Ethernet port, giving her a hard wired option, which is best for streaming high definition video. Best Buy will have all Roku boxes on sale on Black Friday for $20 off.

Jillian is also thinking about getting Hulu+. Does it carry CBS on demand? The chatroom says no, but it does carry ABC, FOX, and NBC. What about Netflix? Netflix is more for movies, while Hulu+ is geared more towards television.