Chris Marquardt and Lens Cleaning Myths

Episode 928 (1:24:08)

Chris joins us today to bust a myth but he first wants to know what HDTV he should get. Scott says that European TVs will broadcast in 50p, and as such, are a bit different. But a Panasonic Plasma is the way to go.

Now, onto the myth that you can avoid getting dust on your censor by pointing your lens and camera downward. Dust is so small that it can literally hover because the air is moving and overcomes gravity. So to turn your camera upside down isn't really going to help. And lenses aren't hermetically sealed anyway, so the dust is going to get in there (especially with large zooms which act as air pumps). So, sooner or later, dust will get into your camera. Scott says having a bulb dust blower to dust the lens before you put it on is a good idea. And the back of the lens is more important than the front, so putting that cover that came with the lens when you're not using it is a good idea.