What's the best way to copy old VHS tapes to DVD?

Episode 927 (2:00:59)

Chuck from Missouri

Chuck has a bunch of commercial VHS tapes that he bought and he'd like to "rip" them to DVD. Scott says that most commercial VHS tapes came with Macrovision copy protection that scrambles the signal when someone tries to copy it. It may be possible to bypass it by exploiting the analog hole and capturing it with a DVD recorder or PC.

Illuminati in the chatroom says there's a filter he could buy that works around Macrovision. Ross says that there isn't an easy answer and there's various programs that will allow him to capture directly from his computer. They're in real time, however, and the video will take time to capture. Hauppauge makes a good video capture card for it. There's also the Grass Valley AVDC 110 Digital converter.