What spying app should I get for my kid's Android phone?

Episode 925 (11:00)

John from Los Angeles, CA

Leo's surprised this hasn't become a problem yet, and it's questionable whether or not he needs a spyware app. There hasn't been a lot of malware on Android. If he wants to protect himself from malware, Leo suggests Lookout

John has a 16 year old daughter who just got her first smartphone, and he wants to monitor what she's doing. Leo advises to resist the temptation to spy on her, even though he has the right to do so. Leo says being open and communicating with his kids is the best defense. However, it is perfectly appropriate to demand the kid's passwords to check up on them. If John searches google "how to spy on a cellphone", he'll find a lot of software options. There are also software options that will prevent them from texting while driving, which is a great idea.