Scott Wilkinson, HomeTheaterHiFi

Episode 925 (18:50)

Krishna is building his home theater and needs an A/V receiver for under $300. He's looking at either the Denon AVR1513 or the Yamaha RXV473. The Yamaha has better features for the price, like Airplay and DNLA, which allows streaming from other devices. As such, Scott says it's about features than performance.

Leo wonders if it really makes a difference in sound quality at this point. Scott says that each receiver does have it's own sonic signature. Reviewers like both for sound quality and the Yamaha may be a bit "warmer." Is 3D passthrough important? Scott says it is if you have a 3D TV and you need HDMI 1.4 if you're planning on connecting a Blu-ray 3D player to it. The Yamaha even has 4K pass-through. They are both rated about the same, though. If you need airplay and DNLA, then the Yamaha is the way to go. Leo really likes his Denon and it's feature set. So in the end, either will do the job, it just depends on what you need specifically.