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Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo's surprised this hasn't become a problem yet, and it's questionable whether or not he needs a spyware app. There hasn't been a lot of malware on Android. If he wants to protect himself from malware, Leo suggests Lookout

John has a 16 year old daughter who just got her first smartphone, and he wants to monitor what she's doing. Leo advises to resist the temptation to spy on her, even though he has the right to do so. Leo says being open and communicating with his kids is the best defense. However, it is perfectly appropriate to demand the kid's passwords to check up on them. If John searches google "how to spy on a cellphone", he'll find a lot of software options. There are also software options that will prevent them from texting while driving, which is a great idea.

Watch Robin from Florida Comments

Robin is looking for a large format printer that will be able to print high quality images at 11x17". Leo says some photo printers will go up to that size. Brother makes 11x17" printers that are popular with architects, as does Epson. Leo uses the Epson Workforce 7520 printer.

Watch Mike from Corona, CA Comments

Leo recommends Microsoft's Security Essentials, which is free.

Mike also noticed that his laptop has slowed down over time. Leo says that over time, Windows can suffer from "bit rot." The easiest way to fix it is to back up his data, then format the hard drive and restore the OS from the recovery disks to the way he got it when he bought it. Then he should make sure to run Windows updates.

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Watch Tony from Ladera Ranch, CA Comments

Tony's daughter wants a car stereo that will connect to her iPhone. Leo says that he can buy a new head end stereo, but it may be easier to just get a cassette adapter that will use the existing car stereo. He could also get an FM radio transmitter, but in the city, there's just too much congestion on the radio dial for that.

If he still wants to install a new stereo head unit, then Leo recommends getting one that doesn't have a physical adapter because the new iPhones have a new 9-pin connector now. He should also get a unit that supports A2DP stereo Bluetooth. He can then pair his phone to the bluetooth stereo and then it'll work wirelessly. Alpine tends to be on the leading edge, but almost any head in unit will do it now.

Watch Shamus from Colton, CA Comments

Shamus got bit by a scam that asked for his credit card for a political donation. Leo says it's best to not give anyone his credit card number. He could instead tell them he will go online and donate. If the caller is offering to fix his computer, then that's a scam and Shamus was right to avoid it. Microsoft will never call anyone to offer to fix their computer.

Watch John from Rosemead, CA Comments

Leo says to just sync to Google services instead for Calendar, Contacts and email. Then he can sync his information from Google to Outlook using this utility. Another is Deja Office, but this costs $20.

Watch Arthur from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Arthur's sister got a call from Microsoft to remove a virus from a computer, which of course was a scam. Now he has to remove it from her computer and is going to format the PC and reinstall.

He's wondering how that scam may have affecter her passwords and data, however. Leo says there's no way to know. There could be a key logger on it that harvests all that information. Since she turned off the computer right away, there's a good chance they weren't able to get anything. If she had waited a few days or weeks to do anything about it, it could have logged all her activity.

To be safe, she should change all passwords and run all updates to Windows after reinstalling to be up to date and secure.

Watch Burt from Honolulu, HI Comments

Burt is having problems with his browser displaying the wrong language. This happens on his work computer too. Leo says that websites are automatically adapting to the location of the browser.

First he should make sure he's going to instead of some other international domain. He also should go into the system preference pane and make sure that it's set for English under 'Language'. He should also set his region for the U.S. Next he can try to "reset Safari" in the menu bar.

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Watch Mike from Elsinore, CA Comments

Mike's wife was on a site a few days ago and now there's a search bar in Internet Explorer that they don't want. Leo says it's likely a piece of malware, but it may simply an issue of just removing it from add/remove programs. But it also could be something more malicious. There are things called "zero day exploits" where Microsoft announces a bug they are fixing and hackers took advantage of it the same day it was discovered. If he can't run Windows update, then it's something that needs to be removed. He won't be able to run system restore either if that's the case.

At this point, the best thing to do is backup the data, format the hard drive, and then reinstall and update Windows from a known good source. He could try fixing it with something like MalwareBytes, but he will never know how badly infected he is. It's best to just start over from scratch.

Watch Steve from Twenty Nine Palms, CA Comments

Steve has solar power and batteries that power his home, and needs a laptop that could work with this. Laptops are ideal because the battery will charge off the 12v and then provide the proper 120v to the computer. The laptop runs off the battery all the time, and the AC charges the battery. So the laptop battery would be the intermediary and there shouldn't be an issue.

Dell sells a DC to DC adapter which may be a good idea. In fact, if he can go the mail order route, then shopping directly from Dell would be the ideal option because he can customize his computer.

Watch Diane from San Diego, CA Comments

Dianne got a Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet for her birthday. She wants to use Flash to watch videos, but can't.

Leo says that Amazon has an app that provides instant movies that streams movies without flash. She can also download FCon's TWiT app. Netflix has an app for Android, as well as HBO Go.