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Watch Tom from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Tom wants to get a new USB headset in order to use Skype. Leo recommends the Plantronics 655. It's what he sends podcasters and guests on TWiT, and it works great.

Watch Jeff from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Jeff is interested the new 15" MacBook Pro Retina, but wants to know the best place to buy it. Leo says the Apple Store, hands down. The fact is the price isn't really that different from store to store and the Apple store is the best place for him to learn about what he's buying. Unless he's a student, he won't get a price break anywhere. So just go to the Apple Store and enjoy the experience.

Since he's a photographer, he'll want to make sure to get retina enabled photography apps. He should know that Adobe hasn't made LightRoom retina capable yet. Apple's Aperture is, however.

Watch Tom from Harrisburg, PA Comments

Tom is in the market for a new HDTV and he's looking at a 47" LG. He's wondering if the 2D picture quality is degraded on a 3D TV. Leo says no. In fact, it's the opposite, and won't make a difference. Scott Wilkinson chimed in to say that in fact, 2D is better on a 3D TV.

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Watch Gary from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Gary bought an unlocked international Samsung Galaxy Note II and he can't use it for Verizon. Leo says that no, it's GSM and Verizon uses CDMA. The Note will work on AT&T since it only has HSDPA+ 3G. If he can return it, Leo recommends doing so because the good news is that Verizon will be offering the Note II on LTE soon. But if he can't, T-Mobile may be an option.

Watch Jason from Maryland Comments

Jason has an ATI All in Wonder USB TV Tuner and wants to know if it would work on the Google Nexus 7. Leo says probably not since it's an Android OS and it probably wouldn't have the drivers. It may work on the Windows 8 Surface Pro tablet - but not the RT version because it's a highly customized mobile version of Windows. The Surface Pro will be a desktop-centric Windows 8 experience on a tablet.

Watch Harold from California Comments

Harold has a home-built computer and he's getting an annoying and long system beep when he runs video applications. Leo says a long beep is usually an indication of a temperature issue. The thermal paste on the processor could have been misapplied and it may not be dispersing the heat as efficiently as it could.

If that's not the issue, he can go into the BIOS and check the settings for his temperature alarm. He shouldn't change the temperature too much though or he may damage the computer. Make sure there's nothing blocking the air flow. Even with a bunch of fans, air flow could be restricted in the computer. He should do a Google search for his AMD CPU and check the thermal rating. That will tell him how hot it should get, and he should make sure not to let it get any hotter.

Watch Doug from Arizona Comments

Doug needs an easy to operate and reliable point and shoot that has a really good macro. His budget is around $200. Here are some good options in that price range:

Check out DPReview and Digital Camera Info for good, unbiased reviews.

Watch Doug from Arizona Comments

Doug also tried Carbonite, but he has an issue with it backing up digital pictures. Some are backing up and some aren't. Leo says that there may be issues with file naming. The chatroom recommends Bulk Renaming Utility and File Renamer. He should also check the file type. JoeJoe Rename Master is a power tool that can change the file attributes and EXIF tags as well.

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Watch Alex from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says that with a hackintosh, often some things don't work right. The latest version of OS X Mountain Lion and an AppleTV will allow him to use airplay to wirelessly stream it to your TV, though. There's also a utility called "Air Parrot." Or, he can just wire it in directly via DVI.

Watch Dave from Atlanta, GA Comments
Watch Jim from Realto, CA Comments

All of his music in iTunes will need to be un copy-protected. Leo recommends iTunes Match to replace everything and upgrade the quality. It's $25 for a year. Then, get DoubleTwist to sync his library into his new Samsung Galaxy Note II with playlists.

Watch Terry from Missouri Comments

Terry got a new Dell Computer with a Blu-ray player, but when he puts the blu-ray disc into it, it goes to Windows basic. Leo says that's normal. It's requiring HDCP to his TV. Leo says that the reason why Apple has never put blu-ray on their Macs is because it's a "bag of hurt," since Blu-ray is heavily copy protected. This is why he needs not only an HDCP compliant HDMI cable, but also a TV that supports it. It's stupid because all it does is teach users to be pirates because it's just easier to go onto the net and find what they want from Bit Torrent.

Watch Charlie from Glendale, CA Comments

Charlie is interested in getting a DROBO network attached storage and wants to know if the drives will last longer if he doesn't use them for writing and rewriting files. Leo says that isn't what causes a drive to wear out. They wear out due to spinning. So he really can't make a drive last longer. They spin all the time.