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Episode 921 October 27, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Bill from LaHoya, CA Comments

It may be it's syncing to the wrong calendar. Samsung's S Planner could also be the issue. Look in the Google Play Store for the Google Calendar app. That could solve the problem. Another app that Leo uses is called Business Planner.

Watch Paul from Lafayette, CA Comments

Leo recommends deleting the account in settings and then re-logging in and starting over. Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Synchronization. It could be turned off. Make sure 'AutoSync' is enabled, and 'Sync Calendar' is checked. He can also download Google's own calendar app from Google Play.

There are even more suggestions on the Android forums.

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Watch Sylvie from Ventura, CA Comments

The option is in the email program. Go into the Gmail App and then into 'Settings'. Tap Menu >> Settings, then your Email Account. Select 'Signature', and input anything you need.

Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

It's just like Windows 7. There's pinch to zoom, and it does have a narrator. It's possible to change the cursor thickness. Leo says that Microsoft is very committed to accessibility. The chatroom says there's tutorials to make Windows 8 machines more accessible on Microsoft's site.

Check out Ellie's website - Hawaii Through Our Eyes, which looks at the Hawaiian Islands from the point of view of the visually impaired.

Watch Denise from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Leo says that's an issue with the Mac Mini. She should take it in to the Apple Store and tell them she's tried it with two separate keyboards and it still happens. She could try to boot up from the original system disk and see if it fails. She also could update the OS. That would clean up anything that's gone bad. In fact, she could just backup her data, wipe the drive, and do a clean install.

Either way, it probably needs to be taken in to have a genius look at it. Back up the data first, just in case. The Chatroom says that the keyboard's USB port could be bad and using a bluetooth keyboard may work better.

Watch Eric from Germany Comments

Leo says that Blurb is an excellent option. They do "full bleed" printing from edge to edge. They don't help sell books, however. So, for that, Amazon has their own self publishing arm called CreateSpace.

Help Erik raise money for Project Childhood Memories 2012 .

Watch Von from Alisa Viejo, CA Comments

Von is making a short documentary film for class on the topic of 2D vs. 3D movies. Leo says he's not really a fan of 3D because he doesn't have full binocular vision. Although he saw some amazing 3D at Universal Studios: Hollywood, where he saw the Transformers and King Kong. Very realistic and enjoyable. But regular 3D movies aren't like that. Leo think it's actually distracting from the movie itself. It's not natural in the way it's done in movies. Brightness is also an issue. Then there's the glasses that have to be worn.

So, for Leo, it's still just a gimmick. Give him higher resolution and just great story telling any day. For Leo, that's the future. The brain will make 3D naturally, and having a higher resolution picture will make it appear more realistic and 3D without the gimmick.

Roger Ebert published a letter written by Oscar winning editor Walter Murch that pretty much settles the debate between 3D and 2D.

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Watch Michael from Paris, CA Comments

Michael would like to create a dual boot setup where he can either choose to boot into Windows or Linux, but it doesn't work. Leo says that it sounds like the Boot Manager didn't get altered when Chris installed Linux. The good news is, he can create a Boot Manager after the fact. Leo recommends GAG. The chatroom recommends SuperGrub. Here's an article on how to do this.

Watch Tim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says that with video, he'll have big files and he'll want to transfer them as fast as possible. He could use remote desktop, but it has a lot of overhead. Leo recommends using a Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure Copy Protocol (SCP). It'll be faster and more secure, and he'll have less issues with drop outs. OSX has a command line FTP built in, but there's also a good application called Transmit that will do it really well. It's as easy as dragging the file onto the icon.

Even with that, it's going to take a long time to upload, and it'll be really costly. It's probably cheaper to just Fedex a hard drive home.

Watch Roger from Wilmington, DE Comments

Leo says it's unlikely he has a virus, and it's more likely an email trick to get him to buy something with his phone. He should check his phone bill to be sure he hasn't been billed without him knowing it. He should reset the phone and be careful what he taps on!

To reset the phone, he should go into the security settings and reset it. That'll wipe the phone and reload the OS. He can also leave the Google Play store as his only default app store. Leo also recommends LOOKOUT, which is a free app in that will protect him by scanning anything he taps on.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Leo says that's because many webcams broadcast with Flash, and the iPad doesn't support it. So it won't be possible to see those webcams on the iPad.

Watch TJ from New York, NY Comments

Leo says he bought the iPhone 5, but after a few weeks, he just couldn't go on with it. He prefers the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. He likes that he can replace the batteries to keep the phone going on a long day, and the screens are bigger. Android is really mature now to the point that it's competitive with iOS.

If he's invested a lot in the iOS ecosystem, that may drive his decision. If he hasn't, a lot of Android apps are free. He should go to his carrier, hold the phones and play with them. That'll usually determine which way he's going to go. But for Leo's money, he's sticking with the Galaxy Note 2.