What stereo should I upgrade to in my truck?

Episode 919 (18:21)

Jerry from Washington

Jerry is a long haul trucker, and has a Pioneer AKH780 system in his semi truck that needs to be replaced. Leo says that CDs are being phased out of front end car stereos. Leo recommends the JVC K-Wav 70BT, which supports integration of iPods and other digital devices. He'll want to get support for A2DP as well so he can integrate his phone to it. USB ports would be great as well to charge the device.

Scott Wilkinson says that for a long haul truck, satellite radio would be ideal because trucks travel through a lot of rural areas. He could also digitize the entire CD library and place it on something like an iPod Classic. Leo says that even digitizing audio may be passe, frankly. Leo has found that he can get just about anything he wants or needs from his iPhone and the internet using Pandora, Spotify, etc. Data limits may be an issue, but audio doesn't take up much.