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Episode 919 October 20, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jerry from Washington Comments

Jerry is a long haul trucker, and has a Pioneer AKH780 system in his semi truck that needs to be replaced. Leo says that CDs are being phased out of front end car stereos. Leo recommends the JVC K-Wav 70BT, which supports integration of iPods and other digital devices. He'll want to get support for A2DP as well so he can integrate his phone to it. USB ports would be great as well to charge the device.

Scott Wilkinson says that for a long haul truck, satellite radio would be ideal because trucks travel through a lot of rural areas. He could also digitize the entire CD library and place it on something like an iPod Classic. Leo says that even digitizing audio may be passe, frankly. Leo has found that he can get just about anything he wants or needs from his iPhone and the internet using Pandora, Spotify, etc. Data limits may be an issue, but audio doesn't take up much.

Watch Chris from Los Angeles, CA Comments

This is a good idea since the series 1 is one of the easiest to hack and fix. Leo recommends a company called WeakKnees, which will sell properly formatted high capacity drives for the TIVO 1.

Watch Jim from Temecula, CA Comments

Leo says that Microsoft has been slow in releasing the software development kit (SDK) for the Windows Phone platform and most developers are focusing on iOS and Android. So it's unlikely that the app availability will get any better any time soon. It would take at least a year to build up the app ecosystem. That's why Leo would advise making a switch to one of the other two platforms.

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Watch Sharon from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Sharon would like to find a piece of software that can listen to YouTube and transcribe the audio. Google finds them better if there's an accurate translation. Leo says that YouTube already does that, and she just has to turn it on. Google has some of the best voice dictation out there, but even then, the state of the art for audio transcription is terrible. She could hire someone to do the transcription manually. Amazon's Mechanical Turk is probably the cheapest, as it uses multiple transcribers to reach a consensus. Also check out

Watch Neil from Homeland, CA Comments

Neil can't hear his daughter when they Skype. Leo says she should check her audio settings and to always make a test call to Echo123, before making the call. If the SkypeLady can't hear you, then there's an issue. If she can, then the issue is with Neil's settings. Neil should also check his speaker settings.

Watch Julie from Fresno, CA Comments

There's a couple of ways to do this using build-in encryption in Windows:

  • Full disc encryption
  • This will keep the entire computer encrypted until she were to log in.

  • Folder encryption
  • This is where a folder is encrypted, and files dropped into this folder will be encrypted.

Windows has built in encryption of both kinds, but it's important to follow Microsoft's instructions and save the certificate. If she loses the certificate, the data is lost. So she should put it in a safe place. Her hardware may have encryption as well.

Another option that Leo prefers is called TrueCrypt. It's open source and works really well.

Watch Tony from Buffalo, NY Comments

Tony has an AppleTV that he's hacked using FireCore and he loves it. While everything that's in FireCore is available as open source, Leo says that it's worth it to pay the $30 to have it all put together and updated regularly. Leo says if you're willing to risk jailbreaking your AppleTV, it's great. But he doesn't use it anymore because he gets everything he needs from other options.

Another option is PLEX, which is a great media server option that will let him play any content from anywhere. Check out this episode of KnowHow to learn how to set it up.

Watch Dave from Montana Comments

Dave collects postage stamps and he has thousands of entries that he wants to input using voice dictation. Windows and Mountain Lion on the Mac side both have dictation capabilities built-in. There's also stamp collection databases that might be better suited to his needs. If he wants that voice capability, Dragon Dictate may be a good option.

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Watch Steve from Illinois Comments

Leo says that Samsung is likely going to announce the Note 2 on the 25th, but he can get an unlocked version now in Europe through Expansys. He'd only be able use it on AT&T, though. It has a quad-core processor, 5.5" high res screen, and Leo likes the swappable battery too, even though the battery lasts long enough to get through the day. The Galaxy S III actually has the same screen resolution, but a smaller screen. So that may be worth looking into as well.

Watch Don from Cypress, CA Comments

Leo says he had the same problem and stopped using Outlook as a result. Here is article on Lockergnome that will talk him through how to reset and fix the issue. Compressing his email files would help as well since once they get over 2GB, problems ensue.

He could also start using through his browser instead.

Watch Jess from California Comments

Leo says he isn't sure that's possible. Jess can email posts because he owns the blog. To email comments would require giving readers access to the blog itself and that would be a serious security issue.

Watch Austin from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says no. He's not even sure that Blackberry/RIM will be around long enough to even build it. RIM is going down and they're really on the clock for shutting down. If a keyboard is important, there are some good Android options out there with a sliding keyboard. But Leo recommends looking at the Samsung Galaxy SIII and get used to the virtual keyboard. It's large enough in size to get used to. Or perhaps the Galaxy Note 2.

Watch Lauren from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says that's because states want the full tax since she's really buying the phone at full price, just amortized over time. Every state law is different, too. Leo says there used to be a way around this with Amazon, but they're collecting sales tax now.

Watch Rick from Long Beach, CA Comments

Leo says that iTunes is designed to do that because of copy protection issues that are no longer relevant. Apple never bothered to remove it, mostly to keep the music industry happy. Fortunately, there's third party options that will fix that. Leo recommends Sharepod or Senuti.

Watch Larry from Placentia, CA Comments

Larry has been using a Palm 680 PDA since 1993 and would like to migrate the data to a new smartphone. Which is easier, iPhone or Android? Leo says that either will do, but there will be a little bit of effort to export out everything. Leo recommends exporting and syncing to Google first. Once he has everything in Google, then it doesn't matter which phone he gets.