How can I improve my search results through Search Engine Optimization?

Episode 918 (2:22:25)

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that SEO is snake oil, in his opinion, and it's a scam that is used to bilk people out of money. It even could get him delisted from Google, which means he may as well not exist. He could buy an adword from google and his result will show up at the top of the list, but it's not cheap. Google uses page rankings, and the only real way to get a successful return is to get other pages to link to you.

Some SEO companies are legit, as the good ones can help him to effectively market his ads on his page and could help him to design his page properly from Google's perspective. The first 1500 letters and the title itself are crucial for searching, along with active content.

Buzzle has a great article on Google's page rank patent that will give him some great background on how Page rank works and how he can maximize the design to his benefit.

Also check out Matt Cuts' excellent blog on Google and search engine results.