Which lower cost tablet would you recommend?

Episode 917 (2:08:19)

Jerry from Lancaster, CA

Jerry is looking to get a tablet and thinks that the iPad is a bit pricey. Leo says it is, but it's a great tablet. The iPad is definitely the champaign of tablets. It's got more memory, better performance, and a huge store of useful applications. Apple may even be announcing a less expensive 'iPad Mini' later this month, which will likely be a 7.85 inch tablet for around $200 to $300.

At the $200 price point, Leo recommends the Google Nexus 7.

Asus makes the Transformer Prime, which is also nice because it can transform into a proper laptop. It's also $500 though, and Leo thinks if he's going to spend that much, he should get an iPad.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD would be a great option if he's an Amazon fanatic. It's cheaper, but it's also much less powerful.

Microsoft will start shipping their Surface Tablets on October 26th, too. Leo says it's a brand new operating system, which means there won't be many applications written for it. He wouldn't recommend being the first in line for this. He should wait at least 6 months to see what happens with it if he wants to consider the Surface.