What would be a good family computer for video editing, school projects, and watching movies?

Episode 916 (1:13:43)

Joe from El Cerrito, CA
Apple iMac

Joe is thinking of getting an iMac, but is wondering if an All-in-One PC would be better and more affordable. Also, if Apple's going to announce a new iMac in the near future, should he wait? Leo says there may be a new iMac, but there may not. They're certainly overdue, and a new SandyBridge processor is available from Intel, but the current model is definitely powerful enough for what he needs.

Another option is the Dell XPS One. It's pretty comparable to an iMac, and it comes with a TV tuner too. iMacs are well integrated with software, though. If TV is an important thing to have, then the XPS is probably best. But he shouldn't stop himself from buying an iMac just because Apple may or may not announce in the coming months.