Chris Marquardt, "Tips from the Top Floor"

Episode 916 (1:25:54)

Chris wanted to chime in over lens flare gate with the iPhone 5. Lens flare happens because light bounces around multiple elements in the lens. Every camera does it. It's normal and if used deliberately, it adds atmosphere. Chris likes it. J.J. Abrams has made a career with lens flare. Apple is right, though, that if you don't want it, then point the camera out of the light. But the issue is, why is it purple? Chris says it's because the anti-reflective coating gives it that hue.

And don't forget our assignment for this month ... FACE! Take a picture of, about or otherwise concerned the word "face" and post it to flickr, tagging it with Face and the Tech Guy Group. We may feature it on the show next month!