What can I do to prevent my Wi-Fi network from clashing with my neighbor's?

Episode 915 (2:01:40)

Travis from Pullman, WA

Travis has a NetGear Router, 2.5 Ghz. His neighbor has a 5 Ghz router. He keeps getting thrown off his WiFi network as a result. Leo says this is a common problem as more people get wireless routers, the bandwidth is getting really crowded. Wi-Fi has two frequencies and 11 bands each. He can choose a different band and that'll free up the bandwidth and keep him from getting thrown off.

He can download a Wi-Fi analyzer. Leo likes WiEYE for Android, Insidder for Windows, and Fing on iOS. These will show him what channels are packed (usually 1-6-11) and which ones are wide open. Choose channels that have smaller "humps" and are less active. He can also get a 5Ghz router himself. They aren't so crowded yet.

Leo would also change the name of his router, or SSID, since they both are named "Netgear".