Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 915 (42:58)

Scott joins us to talk about cables. This week's - Scott's guest is Noel Lee, the founder of Monster Cable. Scott wants to talk about what factors that contribute to better performance for cables, and what the price to performance ratio is for cables in the digital age.

Question from Dave in Australia - Dave wants one unit that can stream, record live video and playback, and burn it to DVD. And he doesn't want a home theater PC. Scott says that's what would be best. But he recently heard of a service called "Simple.TV." And over the air DVR that works in concert with your Roku Box. Leo says he wants it! He's never heard of that feature and he has to check it out. But it's not cheap at $200. Scott says that it comes with their program guide for free for a year, $49 after that. It also has a Slingbox capability as well. Leo says this may be the ideal solution for "cord cutters."