How can I convert my Hi8 video tapes to digital without issues?

Episode 915 (1:43:27)

Sam from Adelaide, AUS
Hi8 Video Tape

Sam wants to convert his Hi8 video tapes to digital. He's tried several methods including using the ADVC110 converter, but he gets a blurry distorted band along the bottom. Leo says that could be an issue of "overscan." This is an extra image area around the video image that's not normally seen. This is because TVs in the 1930's had varying display areas on the screens.

The Chatroom says it's head skewing. He can crop it -- the ADVC has an autocrop check box that will crop the overscan out so it doesn't distract him. Sam also wonders if video editing software would be able to crop. The easiest way to fix this is to use Quicktime Pro. For editing, Adobe Premiere Elements would be the best option. The Chatroom suggests Womble MPEG DVD Editor, which would allow him to crop each corner independently.