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Episode 914 September 30, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Andrew from Birmingham, AL Comments

He would need high powered directional antennas going both ways. has a lot of useful information and products for extending Wi-Fi. Dr_Decibel from the chat room is recommending something called airMAX.

Watch Carl from Newport Beach, CA Comments

She's going to be using this printer for scanning and printing documents along with photos. Leo likes the Canon Pixma because it's really good for photo printing. They tend to go through ink fairly quickly though, and ink cartridges are fairly expensive.

Another option is the Epson Workforce printer. This is fairly inexpensive and efficient, the complete replacement for cartridges is around $20, but this isn't as good at printing photos. It does work well with iOS though, so she could print from an iPhone or iPad.

She may even want to consider using something else entirely for photo printing, such as Snapfish, where she could order prints instead of printing them herself.

Watch Darryl from New Jersey Comments

Darryl notices his internet speed slows down to 0.5 Mbps upload and download until he resets his modem and router. There are a few things he could do.

  • Call Comcast and have them replace the modem
    If he's renting his modem from Comcast, he should call them and tell them that this is consistently happening. They should replace it.
  • Buy his own modem
    If he keeps having problems with Comcast's modems, he could get his own.
  • Make sure he's using DOCSYS 3.0
    Not only does he need to have a modem capable of using DOCSYS 3.0, but he needs to make sure they're sending him that from Comcast.
  • Check his DNS performance
    There are a number of DNS testers, and there is a free one called "DNS Benchmark" from
  • Check the Netalyzer - this will test many different things on his network to see where the problems are.
Watch Valerie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Yes, but there aren't many choices. She could change the voice to the British version, which is a male voice. Or the Australian voice, which is just another female voice with an accent.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Bob from Montana Comments

There are many different codec packs he could try getting:

There are also video editing programs that will install all the necessary codecs along with them. Corel VideoStudio Pro x5 has codecs with it. Leo likes Adobe Premiere Elements which is under $100, and is a good option for video editing and also has codecs with it.

Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Luckily, Windows XP wasn't all that secure, and it's relatively easy to get into the computer.

First, she should try logging in with "admin" as the username and leaving the password field blank. She also could try booting into safe mode. Since neither of those worked for Naomi, she'll have to look for a program that will hack into it.

She should be careful though that the system isn't using built-in encryption. If it is, then cracking the password would make all of the data inaccessible.

Watch James from Virginia Comments

James can't find his Media Extender software anymore, and found out it's not being supported anymore. He was using it to stream to his son's Xbox. There are other things, such as Plex, that will do this same thing. Plex is even based on Xbox Media Center so that could be a good option.

Lukestratton from the chatroom says if he installs this hotfix rollup at, it contains Media Extender.

Watch Bill from Puerto Rico Comments

Bill currently has a Plantronics 903 bluetooth device, but it's not loud enough.

Truckers use something called Blue Parrot Headsets, which are better in noisy situations. Another site to check out for something more specific to his needs is

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Bill from Puerto Rico Comments

That data for facial recognition and other photo metadata is stored in his user folder, in App Data >> local >> google. Inside there he'll see folders "Picasa" and "Picasa Albums". If he backs those up, all of the photos and other data will be saved. He might have to uncheck the "hide folders" setting in Windows to see these folders, though.

ScotlandCalling in the chatroom says that an easy way to find the App Data folder is to click start >> run >> type "%APPDATA%" which will open that folder.

This article shows how to save faces in Picasa:

Watch Jane from San Diego, CA Comments

Jane hasn't had any issues with Silverlight on Safari, but in Firefox she was getting a warning message about it.

Leo says Silverlight is safe, it's made by Microsoft and is pretty much a Flash equivalent. Firefox does block outdated versions of Silverlight, and shows the warning that Jane was referring to.

She should get the most recent version of Silverlight from Microsoft at

Watch John from Downey, CA Comments

Leo says the iPad 2 is $100 less and would probably be ok for the younger kid. The older kid who may be reading books on it soon should probably go for the iPad 3 because of the better, higher resolution screen. He should also just get the Wi-Fi only models so he won't have to pay for a monthly connection to a cellular network. The rumors are strong that Apple will do a 7.85" iPad coming up in a few weeks, so he may want to wait and see what that's all about.

The iPad will come with everything they'll need except for headphones. Kids really like the Skullcandy headphones. Another suggestion is Ety Kids headphones from Etymotic which are designed specifically for kids so they don't damage their hearing by listening to things too loud.

He should make sure to get a good case so the iPad won't get damaged. This Addycase is a good one for that.

Watch Chuck from Colorado Comments

Leo recommends the iPad. It won't have the hassles that the desktop computers have. If he also needs internet connectivity, he can just get the LTE iPad and the internet access will cost less than most home internet options.

Watch Henry from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Henry is wondering about something he saw that was a stick he'd plug into his computer for $99 that would give him free internet. Leo says it may exist, but there's no way it's a viable business proposition. They've got to be making their money somehow by putting ads on it.

He also saw something that he'd put an iPod Touch into that would give him free wireless access. This has a little more credibility to it, it's called FreedomPop. They would give him a free 1GB of data a month, and charge a penny per MB if he goes over. This may be worth a look.

Watch Randy from Apple Valley, CA Comments

He'll have to modify the normal template of the envelope. Check out this support article from Microsoft for details: