Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater

Episode 913 (26:20)

Leo took his son to Universal Studios, and they went on 3D rides. Leo's not a fan of 3D for movies, but it works really well for these rides. Scott's not surprised because the screen is so large it fills your entire field of view. That improves the effectiveness of 3D. They're also adding in lights, smoke, hydraulics and more to help simulate this.Terminator's simulated ride uses live actors in addition to the screens to recreate the scene. There's another that simulates an earthquake while in a BART train.

Scott got a question about connecting headphones to the TV. He has a TV that does not have a headphone out jack, but wants to listen on headphones. He tried an optical output to headphone converter because most TVs have an optical out, but he couldn't change the level, volume was always the same. Scott says the solution is simple. Most TVs have a left and right analog RCA output. All you'd have to do is go to RadioShack and get an RCA to headphone adapter. The other step is to go into the TV's menu, and in the audio part of the menu there's a setting "fixed level or variable level output". Then the TV's volumes control will control that output and you could send it to headphones or powered speakers.

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