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Episode 913 September 29, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Frank from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Leo doesn't think this is a malware issue because it's not opening up any malicious sites, just the ones he was previously visiting. The first thing to try is resetting Internet Explorer in settings. Doing a full reset may clear out what was causing the problem.

Frank could also do a Windows System Restore to the point before this started happening.

Ultimately Leo suggests switching to Chrome. He believes it's a more secure browser, and Frank can even import all of his favorites from Internet Explorer to help him get started with it. If he doesn't like Chrome, he can always switch back to Internet Explorer again.

There were also some security issues with Java, so disabling Java may be a good idea too.

Watch Ed from Irvine, CA Comments

The Mac reseller that Ed took the computer to replaced the power supply, but couldn't get it to boot all the way up before it shut itself back down. Leo says it could be overheating. Make sure to have the fans cleaned out so the air is circulating in the computer.

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Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Nearly every rumor about iPhone 5 was true, and this is either because Apple can't keep secrets anymore, or it's because Apple is manufacturing them earlier and secrets are coming out of the factories. We haven't heard anything about the next iPhone yet, but Leo says we should know a lot more come spring next year.

Leo predicts the next iPhone will look exactly the same as this one, except it may have upgraded internal components. Smartphones have reached maturity, and there's really nothing more Apple can do with it. It is what it is.

Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis says you get 1 free month of Amazon prime, but to take advantage of it you need to buy something that's eligible for Prime. He's noticed that some of the lower-cost items available on Prime cost more than those that aren't Prime eligible. Leo says they need to make a profit somehow, and that's just the way they offset the cost of some of the products with a lower profit margin.

Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Leo says they are doing that with the iPad. But since Apple is selling 3 different models of iPhone, they need to differentiate them somehow.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay has been having difficulty with his telephone provider and wants to switch to something else for internet. He also had a bad experience with Comcast years ago, and is wondering if he should go with satellite internet.

Leo says the best option really is cable. The experience Jay had years ago isn't necessarily indicative of what it would be today because cable internet has gotten a lot better over the years. The only satellite provider that would have decent speeds is Wild Blue, and it's very expensive.

The other option is to get wireless LTE, but that would be expensive too because he'd then have to deal with data caps.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike sent a picture of his passport through email, and two seconds after he sent it, he got an email from Google listing products that are similar to his passport. He's concerned that the information is out there somewhere now.

Leo says no, it isn't. Google, and any other email provider for that matter, scan through user emails to look for spam to block and to display contextual ads. It's not likely that Google actually scanned his passport image, but probably just the text in the email which contained the word "passport". This is really nothing to worry about, they're not keeping his emails and they aren't even being read by humans.

Watch Don from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Don has the DOS based Duke Nukem 3D and wants to run it on his Windows 7 machine. Leo suggests downloading the free DOSbox at This is a DOS emulator that will run any DOS program right within Windows.

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Watch Kathy from Anaheim, CA Comments

Leo says using Flash isn't as bad on the desktop as it is on mobile. Leo doesn't like Flash, but Adobe is getting better at keeping it up to date on user's computers. She could even use Flash without even installing it as a separate plug-in by downloading the free Google Chrome at The way Chrome handles Flash is much more secure.

There are a lot of ways to listen to Leo's radio show, though. iHeartRadio is great on both the desktop and mobile devices. There's also TuneInRadio that works well for listening to internet radio.

Watch Victoria from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Leo thinks this extended warranty is just an upsell. He doesn't generally recommend extended warranties on personal electronics. It's basically insurance, and it is a profit center for the company selling it. Ultimately, the decision is up to her on whether or not she thinks she'd benefit from this.

Watch Dana from Long Beach, CA Comments

Facebook has updated the app for iOS 6, so first she should make sure she's running the latest version of it. Since she does have the most recent version, Leo suggests just deleting the app and reinstalling it. Sometimes files can get corrupt in the upgrade and that could be what happened.

It also could be a problem on Facebook's end. Sometimes their servers may not be responding, and she'll have to wait for them to fix it.

Watch Mike from Montabello, CA Comments

This is typically done with "cloning" or "ghosting" programs. There's a free one called CloneZilla. It's not the easiest to use though because it boots into Linux first and will make the disk from there. Leo recommends getting an inexpensive external hard drive instead of using CDs or DVDs, though. It will work much better.

There are other commercial programs such as Acronis True Image, which costs $30, and works great for this. Another is Norton Ghost which used to be a standard for this type of thing, but it costs a lot ($70) and probably isn't the best option anymore.

Leo suggests making a disk image with the pre-installed Windows as it comes before making any changes, and another after he makes his customizations. Leo uses an older program called Drive Snapshot to do this. Then he'd have a disk image of the default Windows configurations, and one of his customized programs and settings.

Watch Marena from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Marena was wondering about Snapfish for her photos. Leo says that's more geared toward people that want to pay for prints, and he likes Google's Picasa Web. It's free, and will automatically upload all of her photos to Google. She can also buy more storage if she needs more than the 7GB Google offers free. If she wants a more professional service, Leo uses and likes SmugMug as well.

It's important to have a backup, so this would take care of having one off-site. Leo also recommends getting an inexpensive USB external storage drive to put her photos on as well.

Carbonite is another way to keep an off-site backup of everything, but in this particular case it may not be the best option since Picasa is designed for managing photos. (Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).

Watch David from New York, NY Comments

David discovered that RealPlayer needs an actual installation of Adobe Flash to run, and won't work with the built-in version that's in Chrome.

Leo found a free plugin for Google Chrome specifically made for RealPlayer. He can get detailed instructions here on how to install and enable it.