iPhone 5: Leo's Impressions of Apple's Latest Device

Episode 912 (02:10)

The iPhone 5 screen is beautiful. Benchmarks say it's the fastest phone you can buy. Leo isn't sure that's as big a deal than it used to be, though. Apple says it's the thinnest iPhone ever, but it still feels dense. The screen is an odd - a 16:9 aspect ratio at 4 inches. Basically, it's one icon row taller (176 pixels), and the same width as before. The size isn't a big deal, but the real benefit will be noticed when watching widescreen videos.

The one other feature is 4G/LTE. A speed test showed that it got 20mbps down, and 15mbps up. That's faster than Leo's home service. Leo says that's the one and only feature that makes it worth buying. It's probably not worth the upgrade if you're an iPhone 4S user, but for people with an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, it's a nice upgrade.

Apple Maps is getting a lot of complaints because of it's lack of detail, especially in rural areas. Leo says that is much ado about nothing and over time it will improve. It's likely that Google Maps will return in the App store, and there are other great third party apps like Motion X GPS Drive that users can take advantage of.

Is it the best phone on the market? Leo doesn't think so, but it may be the best for you. If you're willing to leave the iOS environment, Leo believes there are still better or at least comparable options. The iPhone is really just one of many phones on the market now.