Could someone be tracking me with spyware on my LG Chocolate phone?

Episode 912 (1:06:30)

Claire from West Covina, CA
LG Chocolate

Leo says it's unlikely. There is software out there, and someone with access to the phone could put something on there. If she believes that's the case, then Leo advises dumping the phone. If someone got access to the phone and has installed tracking software on it, then it's best to get rid of the phone and get another. She could probably find a replacement at the Verizon store or even on eBay. Leo also says she can bring it to a carrier and have it reset. Once the phone is wiped, then the software is no longer there and Leo thinks Claire would be in the clear. If someone had access to her phone bill, they could see who she's calling. So she should change all the passwords on her Verizon account and email, etc.