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Episode 912 September 23, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Scott from Valencia, CA Comments

Scott has written his first book and he's having trouble making the images format correctly into his eBook, and Amazon is no help. Leo says Amazon's book format isn't PDF, and he won't know what it really looks like in that format. He needs to do it in the Amazon Kindle format 8, and he'll need a program that will give him WYSIWYG. Mobi would probably work.

The Chatroom says is a program that will help him to format it correctly. There's also Vook.

Amazon has . here's an article on instructables that will help.

Watch Scott from Westminster, CA Comments

Scott has a 13" Macbook Pro from last year, and he upgraded to a 128GB SSD drive. Now, he's getting an error message that it isn't properly inserted.

Leo says it's likely that the cable isn't seated properly and needs to be plugged in. There's also a bug that seems to be out there that Intel is aware of and has released a fix for. Here's more information.

Watch Lynn from Eagle Rock, CA Comments

There are multiple things to consider when buying an HD TV:

What size TV should I get?
Lynn is going to be sitting about eight feet away from the screen. Leo says he'll want a bigger TV than he might think. At about 8 feet, Leo recommends 55-60" to get a true home theater experience. There's a this distance calculator to determine what's best.

Which is better, LCD or Plasma?
Leo says that Plasma screens are ideal for rooms that can be darkened. If he has a bright room, then LCD is best.

What about LED?
LED is the light that illuminates the back of an LCD panel. They're far more reliable and consistent than florescent backlit options. If he gets an LED TV, he'll want to get a backlit LED, not one that is edge lit.

What brand TV should I look at?
Leo prefers Samsung, but Panasonic, LG, and Sharp are also good options. Vizio is a lower-cost brand that makes decent TVs too, but it's not the best. He should go look at them though, to see what he may like best.

Should I get a 120hz or 240hz TV?
120hz is plenty, and he should certainly not pay more for this. Broadcast TV is 60hz. So anything over that will create a plastic looking thing called frame interpolation, which actually creates frames in between the actual frames. He can turn that off, though, but it can be good for sports and movies with lots of action.

What mode should the TV be in?
Make sure to set it to movie mode, not dynamic mode, for best results.

What about sound?
Leo recommends getting a home theater in the box, an inexpensive surround sound system. That will be much better than the speakers that come in the TV.

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Watch Claire from West Covina, CA Comments

Leo says it's unlikely. There is software out there, and someone with access to the phone could put something on there. If she believes that's the case, then Leo advises dumping the phone. If someone got access to the phone and has installed tracking software on it, then it's best to get rid of the phone and get another. She could probably find a replacement at the Verizon store or even on eBay. Leo also says she can bring it to a carrier and have it reset. Once the phone is wiped, then the software is no longer there and Leo thinks Claire would be in the clear. If someone had access to her phone bill, they could see who she's calling. So she should change all the passwords on her Verizon account and email, etc.

Watch Randy from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Leo says that Android probably has the edge because it can merge with Google Contacts seamlessly, as well as Facebook and Twitter. He can customize the fields better, too. Leo advises to take all of his contact data and get it into Google contacts. Then, he's able to manage contacts well no matter what platform he's on.

Watch Steve from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Leo says he noticed that as well. He's also noticed that he has to join networks more often, too. He can try rebooting the phone, but Leo suspects that the most recent Android update may be the issue and hopes that the upcoming Jelly Bean OS will solve the problem.

Steve also wants to know if he should run an antivirus on the Android. Leo says he used to run Lookout, but really doesn't anymore.

Watch Jim from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Yes it is, and he would just need to update to iOS 6 and Siri will be there. Google Maps won't, and nor will YouTube (although he can redownload it from the app store). Leo hopes that Google Maps will be available again in the app store soon. Meanwhile, try Waze or Motion X GPS Drive.

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Watch Ed from Palmdale, CA Comments

It is possible to do this. He might be able to attach a monitor using the USB port, or even an HDMI port if the phone has it. The Samsung Galaxy SIII supports HDMI. He would just need to get a USB to HDMI connector. He could also go into hotspot mode, that will turn the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Then he can surf the net through a wireless connection on the phone. It would probably cost a bit more, but if it's all he has, it could be a good way to go.

Watch Adam from Valencia, CA Comments

Leo says that MiniDisc has been discontinued, in favor of iPods. Leo suggests going to They still sell them for $5 a piece.

Watch Jeff from Hollywood, CA Comments

Jeff works at a production company and his job is to find a better option than the "Air" video server. He needs a solution that would prevent piracy, but will stream the project that's being worked on. Leo says that the iTunes Media server would probably work. Most Network Attached Storage devices that have iTunes servers built-in. So he could put the content on it, and anyone with iTunes or iOS could see and stream it. Tom in the chatroom works for a post house and dealt with the same issue, and iTunes was the answer.

Another chatroom listener works at Warner Brothers and they use Dax Solutions.

Watch Joe from San Diego, CA Comments

Leo says Joe should have a backup in iTunes to grab from. There's always a risk of data loss when doing an upgrade like this, which is why it's important to backup. He could check iCloud, there may be a backup there. If Joe didn't back it up, then he's out of luck, unfortunately.

Watch Robert from Lafayette, LA Comments

Robert is looking at either the Macbook Pro with Retina display, or the Macbook Air. Leo says that Macbook Retina is the best laptop he's ever used, but it's also twice as much as the MacAir. It's also the fastest Mac ever made. Leo thinks it's worth it.

He'd probably be fine with the base model Macbook Pro with Retina display. Basically for $500 more than a similarly configured Macbook Air, he'd get the Retina display which would be 15" instead of 13", and it's still pretty thin and light. For high end use, the Retina display model is the way to go.

Watch Dave from Glendale, CA Comments

Dave has an old HP laserjet and he's getting a new computer and is worried that he won't be able to use it. Leo says he can get a parallel to USB cable, but the drivers won't see it. One possibility is that HP makes JetDirect, an Ethernet connection for printers. Dave could instead get a Parallel port card to install in the desktop and that would allow him to see the printer.

Watch Jeremiah from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Leo would first check to be sure that his parents haven't downgraded to cheaper internet. If it's fast enough when connected with ethernet cable, then there's something wrong with the router. Unless he's far away from the router. One of the problems with WiFi is that less than strong signal does lower the speed.

WiFi has gotten crowded, and neighbors in the area all probably have Wi-Fi now too. If the PS3 could use 5 Ghz, that would be good. Use 802.11 N, if possible, and don't use WEP.