Why won't iPhoto burn to DVD?

Episode 910 (2:35:20)

Sandy from California

Whenever Sandy tries burning photos to DVD in iPhoto, she just gets error messages. She even had her Superdrive replaced, and still has the issue.

She should try to burn something other than photos to see if it will burn. If it does, then the issue is her iPhoto library.

Next, she should rebuild her iPhoto library from scratch:

  1. In the "Pictures" folder, Control + Click on "iPhoto Library"

  2. Select "Show Package Contents"

  3. Copy the "Masters" folder

  4. Paste the "Masters" folder onto the desktop

  5. Go back to the "Pictures" folder, and move "iPhoto Library" to the desktop

  6. Launch iPhoto, and import photos from "Masters"

This will rebuild the library from scratch. Now she should be able to burn her photos.