Chris Marquardt, "Tips from the Top Floor"

Episode 910 (1:28:02)

Reviewing our assignment for September (VEGGIE), Chris has some great images ... including this one, by RLeverson1, which is a very colorful shot of Bell Peppers. Primary color contrasts with a dark background, nicely lit. He even polished the veggies.

Next is a nice side by side comparison, where everything is colorful, and the same size, by Julian Castillo.

Lastly, we have a bunny, with a lettuce coat by Convicted Genius. Very funny.

Next Month's assignment is ... FACE. Take a picture of, about, or otherwise concerning the concept of face. Then, upload the picture to Flickr, tagging it for The Tech Guy group and the word Face. Then next month, we'll review the three most noteworthy one's posted!