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Watch Jack from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Leo believes it may be an issue with the on-board sound card. He could buy a cheap sound card and that would not only give him a better sound, but would eliminate the issue. In fact, a USB sound card would be ideal because they're cheap and because it's outside of the computer.

Watch Mike from Louisville, KY Comments

Mike has two iMacs, one from 2009 and 2010. He uses Boot Camp to dual boot with Windows, and he wants to use them for video editing. Would virtualization be better? Leo says no. He'll really need every bit of resources the computer has to edit video, so running Windows in Boot Camp is much better.

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Watch Mike from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Exchange is Microsoft's mail server, but it's not the only one. Leo's company uses Google and GMail. It supports IMAP, and it can be used as an Exchange server. It's likely cheaper to use, and Google Apps for business is the whole package. Especially since Mike is using Google docs already.

Another option is Microsoft Office 365 for business. It comes with Office, and has hosted Exchange.

Watch Rob from Tarzana, CA Comments

Leo says that Audacity is open source and works great, but it can be buggy. Cool Edit was the ideal open source option, but Adobe bought it and turned it into Audition. It is now the champagne of audio editing programs, but it's also hundreds of dollars. Unless he has a lot of problems with Audacity, Leo recommends just sticking with that.

Watch Anthony from Ontario, Canada Comments

Leo says he likes Quickbooks Online for TWiT, and he thinks a lot of businesses do. It's always up to date, and it's actually cheaper than buying desktop software. For very small one-person business, Freshbooks is another solid option. (Disclaimer: Freshbooks is an advertiser).

Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo likes Picasa, and it's free. A pro option is Adobe Lightroom. There is something in between those two options - Adobe Photoshop Elements. Since Lightroom is $149 now, Leo says he should go for that.

He also has an iPad, and Leo suggests iPhoto for that. However, he should keep in mind that iPhoto will not support RAW, so he would have to set his camera to RAW plus JPEG to use it.

Watch Tom from Riverside,CA Comments

Tom is looking for a GPS replacement for his Garmin and he was thinking about a tablet because it could give him more options. He's concerned it won't connect to satellites for GPS, though. Leo says that almost all tablets he could get have a GPS chip (with the exception of the Wi-Fi only version of iPad), but the maps would get downloaded as he goes. Waze is a great app that does it this way. It collects information about the road ahead from other Waze users. However in rural areas with no 3G, he wouldn't have a map.

He can buy an app that will download maps beforehand. MotionX GPS Drive is the app that Leo prefers. Tom will have to know where he's going in order to cache the maps ahead of time. The Google Nexus 7 for $200 uses Google Maps, which also has a pre-cache option. The downside is that the Nexus 7 is Wi-Fi only.

Julie in the chatroom says that GPS Co-Pilot app is great on the Nexus 7. Also, smartphones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy SIII are also solid options for GPS.

Watch Steve from Memphis, TN Comments

Leo says the LG Intuition is an odd duck because even though it has a 5" screen, it's a 4:3 aspect ratio and looks like a shrunken iPad. LG makes good phones though, but he hasn't tried it. Leo also thinks it's weird that the phone has no storage space for it's stylus.

Leo's more of a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Verizon is supposed to get it with the name "Journal", nut it hasn't shown up yet and Verizon is focused on the Droid.

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Watch Esther from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Esther is having trouble getting online. She called her ISP and they said they don't have a signal from her modem, so they sent her a new one. That didn't fix it either. She says this happened when Verizon put new fiber optic lines in. Leo says that he suspects that when Verizon put FIOS in her neighborhood, they cut the copper lines that Esther's DSL Extreme service needs.

This is a well-known thing that Verizon does, and unfortunately now that they cut it, she may be out of luck. She should call Verizon and tell them, or perhaps she should call DSL Extreme to see if they can do anything.

Watch Deborah from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Deborah has a tamale business and she announces on Twitter, Facebook and her website when she's going to be in the area delivering goods. But her email mailing list is becoming difficult to manage. She needs something location based that can tie into Google Maps. Leo says it's a great idea and Google's Map API is open source. MailChimp does geo-location. That's exactly what Deborah needs, and it's free too.

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