Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Geeks

Episode 908 (28:00)

Yesterday, Scott was at the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association Show (CEDIA) and what was really telling was how few TV and home theater manufacturers were there. Leo says that's due to the bad economy and Scott agrees. While there weren't many TVs there, there were several 4K manufacturers showing their version of what is likely an LD designed LED TV (resolution of 3840x2160). Sony was there, LG, and even JVC. It surprised Scott that all the TVs were edge lit, and for a price of around $20,000, that's really disappointing. Also, while Sony was showing custom 4K content, most were showing upscaled 1080p and it didn't look good at all.

But then again, there isn't anything available on 4K now anyway, not even the movie theaters are showing movies in 4K, and won't be for quite some time. What about TV? Will we see 4K broadcast? Scott says not likely because there's only so much bandwidth, and they have to compress all the stations to get them coming in. They'd have to cut the number of stations in half to do that. People could download the content, however.