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Episode 907 September 8, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Robert from Burbank, CA Comments

All authenticators are doing the same thing. It's a time-based, one-time use pass code. There's no data going back and forth between the authenticator app and Google, they are just both using the same algorithm to generate the code based on the time of day. Since no one knows that algorithm, it's not possible to figure out that code. They use a "one-way hashing" technique to do this. Just because the user has the 6-digit result on the authenticator does not mean anyone could go backwards to figure out what the key is.

This is all part of two-factor authentication, which really enhances security. It requires not only something the user knows (a password), but also something the user has (their phone, or a device). Leo believes this is really important now with the recent security breaches.

Watch Jim from Fremont, CA Comments

Jim has a day job and wants to write a blog about politics. He wants to keep the two separate from each other, and not have it get back to his employer. He can use a different name, and a separate email address that he can create. This will work fine to keep his work from discovering it, but it would be much harder to keep this anonymous from law enforcement with subpoena power. They can track his IP address and trace it back to him.

Leo suggests using Blogger because Google is very well known for protecting privacy. Leo also recommends not updating the blog at work because IT departments monitor traffic and could see what he's doing legally. He should also create his account at an open access point, like the Apple Store, library, or Wi-Fi hotspot.

Jim was also wondering about TOR. TOR stands for The Onion Router, and it's designed for political dissidents which routes the traffic through multiple servers to anonymize. There are flaws, with the beginning and the end, but that's another show.

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Watch Wayne from Irvine, CA Comments

Leo says some inkjet printer companies replace the head when the user replaces the cartridge, but Canon is not one of those companies. So that printer is just plain worn out, and it's time to replace it. Leo likes Epson Workforce Printer better.

Watch Mary from Orange County, CA Comments

The Notes app on iOS can now sync to Google automatically, but this can be disabled in settings.

Watch Mary from Orange County, CA Comments

She could get an AirPrint compatible printer. HP printers are supported by AirPrint out of the box. She can also search in the app store for "AirPrint" and "Canon" (her current printer) and she might be able to find a driver that will run on her computer making that printer available to her iPad. The printer will need to be on the network or shared in some way, though.

If she has a modern printer with Wi-Fi, it will connect to her network that way. If not, then the printer will need to be connected to the Mac and it will need to be sharing the printer.

Watch Jamie from Temecula, CA Comments

Leo says that this is a great trend in teaching all over the country. It's called "Flip teaching." The idea being to have students watch the video of the lecture at home, and then use the valuable class time for book work and interaction. Recording lectures is a great idea and she can use what she has to get started.

The easiest way is to use a screen capture program to grab the Powerpoint and then edit an inset video of her talking, switching between the two as she needs. Adobe Captivate is a great solution for this. Camtasia is another that's less expensive.

She'll also need a video camera, and any video camera would work. She could even record with the Powerpoint clearly visable. She can then edit it all together with Windows Movie Maker, free at and then burn to DVD if she wants.

Coursera is a brilliant non profit organization that puts university lectures online for free, as does Udacity, KhanAcademy, and of course, iTunes University.

Leo says that technology is leading a transformation in education, which is a great thing.

Watch John from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Windows has a complicated series of steps to open a link online. Leo also suspects that Malware is likely the issue and recommends using the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (Click Start, Run, and type "MRT") and then choose the thorough scan. He can also try If that comes up clean, and he has up-to-date antivirus, then the File Association Database may be corrupted. Fixing it is problematic and time consuming. It may be easier to backup his data, wipe the drive, and start over.

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Watch Chris from Valencia, CA Comments

Since Chris says he can sync his contacts just fine, Leo says to check the settings to see if iCal is syncing to something else, like Google Calendar. It won't sync on it's own, so there has to be a setting in there that's been changed. It can get very confusing when using multiple Apple ID's, and it's possible that he got the wires crossed somewhere. At this point it may be a good idea to delete both accounts and start over.

Watch John from Burbank, CA Comments

Leo says that Google has decided to kill this portal, but there are other choices.

  • Netvibes
  • This is one that Leo likes, but it looks to be shifting to a pay portal.

  • Protopage
  • Leo loves this as well and would recommend it as the go-to app for this.

  • Bing
  • The chatroom says this is customizable.

  • My Yahoo
  • Excite
  • SiteHoover

For other alternatives, check out AlternativeTo.

Watch Ashley from London, England Comments

Sometimes content bought from the Google Play store, or the Apple iTunes store for that matter, can only be played on the device it was purchased on. But if the Nexus 7 supports DLNA, and he has a TV that supports DLNA, it could play content to the TV wirelessly similar to AirPlay on the AppleTV. Another way to do it is through the Nexus 7's USB connector. He could buy a MediaLink HD adapter, so he could just plug it into his TV using HDMI.

Watch Joe from Houston, TX Comments

There are a couple conundrums here. One is, how did the text message get from his iPhone to his Windows PC in the first place? Second, how did it get in his clipboard so he wound up pasting it on his desktop? Someone may be pulling a prank on Joe. Nothing to worry about, just a strange happenstance.

Watch Stan from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Leo says that they will be available with AT&T sometime sometime on or near November. Possibly with Verizon after the first of the year. It's the first Windows 8 Phone on the market. Leo says it's a very nice, easy to use phone. It's pretty fast too. Nokia has used some very nice features, including the PureView 8MP camera with Leica lenses. It has NFC, a 4.5" display and wireless charging! It's gorgeous and available in multiple colors. Leo wants the red one.

Watch Justin from Corona, CA Comments

Leo says Google is always updating their search algorithm, and they're not privy to telling anyone why or how. There is a site which seems to have info on it here.