How can I convert my home movies to DVD?

Episode 906 (1:59:00)

Ron from Thousand Oaks, CA

Panasonic makes a dual drive machine that will enable him to play the VHS Tape while he presses record on the other side. If that's what he wants to do, he'll have to do it soon before they stop making those devices.

The other option is to digitize them with your computer. He can connect a VCR using the composite (yellow, red, white) or S-Video from the VCR to his computer's capture card. The Grass Valley ADVC 110 is a good one. Then he can capture the video, edit it down, and then burn to DVD with Adobe Premiere Elements.

The chatroom says that the Womble DVD Wizard is a one stop shop option for making a DVD.

Can he edit if he uses the Panasonic dual deck capture option? Leo says he can, but he'd have to RIP the DVD and the MPEG footage isn't all that great to use as a source file.