Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Magazine

Episode 905 (27:11)

Next weekend is the CEDIA trade show (for Custom Home Theater Installers) and Scott has heard that Sony is releasing an 84" 4K LCD TV priced at $30,000. At 4K (4,000 x 2,000), that's four times the definition of HDTV. 8.8 million pixels total. For that to be effective, the screen needs to be really big, or you sit really close. Red has announced a 4K media server as well. We're also rapidly getting to the point where movies may be sold on memory sticks or even hard drives because of how large they are resolution wise. Another good thing about 4K is that it'll make passive 3D much better. But Leo has a feeling that 4K won't be around that long and that 8K will come faster than 4K has.

Program note - Home Theater Geeks is dark this week for Labor Day. Scott will return a week from Monday with a CEDIA round up.