Why am I getting audio and video glitches whenever I play sounds on my home built computer?

Episode 904 (48:19)

Steve from Sun City, CA

Leo says that it could be the sound card, and he should try to use a standalone card. If that doesn't work, then try using a USB headphone set and see if that fixes it. Otherwise it could be a driver problem. The power supply can also be the culprit, and Leo thinks that's an underestimated source of common problems in computers.

It also could be poorly conditioned power or even nearby radio interference. Get a surge protector that does line conditioning, like the TrippLite or APC.

Another good idea is to have a Linux Boot Disc which would allow him to bypass the OS on his computer and boot up to another one and test to see if the hardware works. A lot of times, if the OS has issues, he'll find it right away. Leo recommends Ubuntu.