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Episode 904 August 26, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Sam from San Diego, CA Comments

Ring tones are a multi-billion dollar business that Leo doesn't think should exist at all if the user already owns a song. iTunes used to convert songs to ring tones, but they took it out so they could sell ring tones. He can still create a ring tone using iTunes though. He could also create a ring tone in an Android phone through the settings on the music player, or through DoubleTwist.

The problem with free ring tones that are available to download is that a lot of times they're spyware or worse. Definitely don't put a free ringtone program on the phone. The safest way to do this with a feature phone is to just pay for the ring tones through the wireless carrier.

Watch Jason from Massachusetts Comments

Alpine has been making some sophisticated head-ends including several that support Wi-Fi.

There's also this beast, which supports 3G as well, but Leo's not so sure about this since they spelled Android wrong on it.

Watch Marilyn from California Comments

Marilyn is unhappy that her Yahoo account has been closed because she forgot the secret question and Yahoo closed down her account. Leo says the problem is that webmail makes little money to have support personnel. Leo suggests writing a letter/email to Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo. Tell her the tale of woe and ask for help. She'll hand it off to a VP who will address it for you.

Watch Kathy from Santa Cruz, CA Comments

First of all, Leo says using a six year old browser is probably causing a lot of those problems. She should update it to IE 8, or use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. Leo thinks that most people should switch to Google Chrome as their browser, though.

She should also uninstall that Norton toolbar. If she still wants something to check to see if a website is dangerous, Chrome will do that automatically. But It's far more important to run Windows Update and use the most up-to-date browser than have the Norton security toolbar she's been using.

Watch Steve from Sun City, CA Comments

Leo says that it could be the sound card, and he should try to use a standalone card. If that doesn't work, then try using a USB headphone set and see if that fixes it. Otherwise it could be a driver problem. The power supply can also be the culprit, and Leo thinks that's an underestimated source of common problems in computers.

It also could be poorly conditioned power or even nearby radio interference. Get a surge protector that does line conditioning, like the TrippLite or APC.

Another good idea is to have a Linux Boot Disc which would allow him to bypass the OS on his computer and boot up to another one and test to see if the hardware works. A lot of times, if the OS has issues, he'll find it right away. Leo recommends Ubuntu.

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Watch Camden from New Hampshire Comments

He'll want something automatic since he has 5,000 songs. MediaMonkey is a program that will check databases online and fix the labeling in his collection. The Chatroom also suggests TuneUp for sloppy libraries in iTunes. There's also MusicBrainz Picard.

Watch Tom from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Leo says it's unlikely the battery damaged the laptop, and it sounds like HP is just using that as an excuse to wash their hands of it. Having said that, third party batteries are dangerous because often they don't have the right circuitry and could explode. Leo recommends buying an HP battery and then sending it back for repair under warranty. Then they won't have an excuse to pass the buck.

It is possible that he did somehow damage it though, and HP has this on record so they still may blame it on that battery.

Watch Carlos from New York, NY Comments

Carlos is sick of Apple suing others, because the consumers are the ones who pay the price. Leo says that while he agrees, he also feels that Apple has the right to protect their patents when someone flagrantly copies their innovations. While it would be a great world if they didn't, we don't live in that world and companies have the right to protect their inventions. If they can't, they'll be less likely to invent in the first place.

Watch Eric from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Eric created an app called Treadmill Tricorder, but it hasn't done very well sales wise. He's trying to transform it into a tool for repair people. He wants to advertise on Craigslist, but they won't allow him to post in other areas. Leo says it's Craigslist page and their rules, so there's not much he can do. This is just what they do. They also shut down a great app called PadMapper, which would map craigslist postings for apartments. Craigslist never changes or innovates, and they force others not to either. But that's their right.

Watch Bill from Toronto, Ontario, Canada Comments

The AirPlay symbol will appear automatically in the menubar when there's an AirPlay device it can play to. It could be that the iMac may be just too old for it to work. It needs to be the later half of 2011 for it to work. Leo also says to make sure Airplay is enabled in AppleTV.

The chatroom found an article that says there's a known issue with Airplay and Mountain Lion. Check it out here.

Chris, from Miami, calls in to say that it's a common issue and the bottom line is that the window for supporting Airplay is just too small. Leo says the video bandwidth requires a lot of power, that earlier Macs simply can't handle it, especially when gaming. Chris suggests people use AirParrot, which will do the same thing as AirPlay on older Macs. While that may work, the frame rate will go down with gaming.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Jerry from San Diego, CA Comments

Jerry wants to get a new 4TB drive, but the new Western Digital drives are actually two 2TB drive in one enclosure. Leo says it will present itself as one drive when he connects it to his computer, though. It uses a RAID 0 configuration. He'll be able to use it just the same as he would a single external hard drive.

Watch Dwayne from Half Moon Bay, CA Comments

Dwayne is trying to demo CamTwist over the Internet using Skype and the other side can't see him. Leo thinks it's far more likely that the issue is on the receiving end of Dwayne's Skype call and not him. They may not be using the most recent version of Skype.

Watch Derek from Oxnard, CA Comments

Derek says that Carbonite for Mac keeps crashing after it goes to sleep. Leo says to make sure the hard drive isn't going to sleep along with the rest of the computer. Uncheck that option in the power saving settings. The other could be that Derek has a solid state drive (SSD).

The chatroom agrees. PippyDan had a similar issue and he turned off the hard drive and it never happened again.

Carbonite is a sponsor of the show, and if he sends Leo and email to, Leo might be able to get him support for this.

Watch Brian from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Brian has an old computer with Windows 2000 and he recently got a message from Firefox that it no longer supports his operating system. Leo says that the computer is pretty old, and Microsoft has decided to end support for that OS. Unfortunately there's not much he can do.

Since Windows 2000 is so old, it's probably not going to hurt anything to just use it as it is. Leo says nobody is really writing exploits to it anymore. Leo also says he could put something on it like Puppy Linux and breathe new life into it. Leo and Iyaz showed how to install Puppy Linux on an older computer in an episode of Know How.

Watch Randy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

He's tried everything he knows to install it, but nothing has worked. Leo says that there may be a group policy setting that may be preventing him from installing a printer. Go into Group Policies and look for 'Point and Print restrictions'. It may be need to be enabled.

Here's a few notes from Microsoft and CJWDev on how to troubleshoot it.

Leo also advises disabling security software to see if that was restricting him. If that won't work, then he may need to do a clean install of Windows 7. It may be something that got messed up during the update process from Windows XP.

Watch Chandler from Dallas, TX Comments

Chandler is using Final Cut Pro for editing and he wants to get more mobile with a laptop. Leo says he has an MacBook Pro with Retina display and is very happy with it. It's not cheap, at $2200. But with an i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and a Thunderbolt or USB3 drive, he'll be good for a long time. Leo says it's the fastest Mac there is.

Watch Noah from Irvine, CA Comments

Noah has Windows 7, and can't get rid of "Babylon Search". It's not quite a virus, but it's definitely malware. Leo says to Google it, and he'll be able to find an uninstaller. It's important to be careful about what he installs, he may have installed it along with another piece of software. Leo suggests always choosing "custom install".