Why can't I get internet access on my laptop despite it showing it's connected?

Episode 903 (1:16:34)

Sam from Garden Grove, CA

Sam has tried replacing drivers, restarting the router and modem and even bypassing the router and connecting directly to the modem. Leo concludes that there's something wrong with software on the laptop, and is most likely a Windows issue. He says it could either be security software that's blocking the connection or a virus that's doing it. Leo first recommends disabling his McAfee antivirus. It could be that the antivirus is being overzealous and is cutting out wireless activity.

Don in the chatroom says that McAfee's last update actually broke all internet connections to all ISPs. McAfee says he can boot into Safe Mode, with Networking, launch McAfee and look for the latest McAfee update and delete it. Get the new update (6809) and then install it.

Leo's really not a fan of McAfee at all. He should go with ESET Nod32. If he doesn't want to pay for antivirus, he could get the free Microsoft Security Essentials.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).