Samsung Loses, Apple Wins in Patent Lawsuit

Episode 903 (01:28)

In a sweeping decision, a jury awarded Apple over $1 Billion dollars in damages in a patent lawsuit that claimed Samsung knowingly copied hardware and software designs of the iPhone, and that Samsung's technologies violated Apple's patents. Leo says that if the infringement is willful, and that was what the jury concluded, the judge can triple the damages. On the other hand, the judge could also lessen the fine, or even overturn the findings.

Leo also wonders if Apple can stop Samsung from selling these phones and even current models in the U.S. We'll know next month. Samsung will almost certainly appeal the ruling, though. Samsung says that the decision spells out a loss for the American consumer and will lead to higher prices and limited innovation through competition. Leo doesn't necessarily agree. It may be a victory for Apple, but Leo thinks the consumer might be the loser. The great irony is that companies like Motorola, Google, and even Samsung are suing Apple for similar issues. Leo says the idea of having a software patent is not a good thing in general and patent reform is long overdue.