How can I get ads on my podcast and website?

Episode 902 (29:36)

Steven from Annendale, VA

Steven is 13 and says that TWiT has inspired him to run his own podcast network with five shows! He does news, technology, politics, gaming, and other topics. Steven uses Blip.TV to post his video podcasts to YouTube and other channels. He hosts the site on wordpress and has his videos monetized. He's wondering how to get ads on the page and his shows.

Leo says that at best, he would make about $1 for every 1,000 views, which isn't much. The same is true for banner ads on websites. He can go to Google AdSense and sign up. He can then put those banner ads on his site. This isn't something to do for the money, though. Keep at it, he'll be investing in himself, he'll be able to learn a lot and grow an audience.

Steven's network is called Asdaqua.