How and why would someone root an Android phone?

Episode 902 (1:36:03)

Payam from London, England

Leo advises spending time at XDA Developers Forums and looking up his device. is also a good source. The reason for doing this is to update the phone when wireless providers are reluctant to allow it. He has to use the right instructions, and to the letter too, otherwise he may brick the phone.

So first he'll want to root the phone, which will give him administrator access. Then he should install the Clockwork Mod, and he can try different ROMS from a menu.

Payam also went and saw the 8K Ultra High Definition presentation of the Olympic games in London and he said it was terrific. He said there was so much detail, they really didn't have to zoom in to show more detail. It was really like being there. Leo says with resolution that good, if it ever goes mainstream people will never leave the house! Leo thinks the screens and TVs will become a whole wall in your house.