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Episode 902 August 19, 2012

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Robert from Charleston, SC Comments

Robert had a hard drive die, and it had the recovery partition for Windows Vista on it. He put the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on a new hard drive, and now is wondering whether that Windows Vista key will work to upgrade to the real version of Windows 8.

Leo says this is kind of unknown. The chatroom is divided over whether the consumer preview of Windows 8 will be upgradeable, although the RTM definitely will not. Leo recommends that he call Microsoft and tell them about his hard drive that died, and they'll probably help him with buying the $40 upgrade to Windows 8.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George says that SpaceCraft 3D is a very cool app for iOS. Leo says it's really cool because it uses augmented reality to make the rovers appear on your space as you interact with them. And it's free!

Watch Steven from Annendale, VA Comments

Steven is 13 and says that TWiT has inspired him to run his own podcast network with five shows! He does news, technology, politics, gaming, and other topics. Steven uses Blip.TV to post his video podcasts to YouTube and other channels. He hosts the site on wordpress and has his videos monetized. He's wondering how to get ads on the page and his shows.

Leo says that at best, he would make about $1 for every 1,000 views, which isn't much. The same is true for banner ads on websites. He can go to Google AdSense and sign up. He can then put those banner ads on his site. This isn't something to do for the money, though. Keep at it, he'll be investing in himself, he'll be able to learn a lot and grow an audience.

Steven's network is called Asdaqua.

Watch Alan from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alan has an SSD for his operating system, and a 2TB hard drive for all of his data. He wants to set up Windows 7 so that it uses the bigger hard drive to store data. Leo says he can just right-click on the documents folder, select properties, and assign that documents and settings folder to the second data drive. He have to do that for all accounts, but it's pretty straight forward. What Windows doesn't like is putting applications on a drive other than the C drive.

Watch Alan from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo doesn't think there's a general rule, and it really depends on what each user is comfortable with. That being said, Leo says he thinks users can probably do more than they might think, and he usually takes the risk. A good way to gauge the difficulty level of doing something is by watching a video showing how it's done. If it looks too daunting, don't do it.

A great place to go is The whole point of that site is to be the 'repair manual of the internet'.

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Watch Spencer from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Leo says forget it, it's not fast enough to use it. Leo says that Flash is a "pig," and a computer that's as old as Spencer's just won't cut it. One option to extend the life of that old PC is to use Linux. Leo likes Puppy Linux, and they even did an episode on how to do this on Know How.

Watch Dennis from Louisville, KY Comments

Dennis got hacked in a similar way to Mat Honan. The hacker stole his Twitter handle and Twitter won't give it back. He could fill out a ticket that someone is impersonating him on Twitter, but the sad fact is he may not ever get a response. It would be great if Twitter had additional levels of security, but they aren't there yet. Twitter isn't making any money and it's a free service, so they're not motivated to really go the extra mile. Twitter has really gotten worse the last few months and anyone who's built their business around it may be making a serious mistake. Same goes for Facebook as well.

He'd be better off using his own website as his central hub and use social media as an additional tool. But stuff like this can seriously damage him.

Watch Mike from El Segundo, CA Comments

Mike saw a documentary last night that intermixed HD video with lower quality video and how well they worked together. Leo says we're in the midst of a digital revolution here with technology and it shows that a filmmaker doesn't have to millions to make their vision become a reality. And with YouTube, Blip.TV, Vimeo ... distribution is no longer an impediment as well. It's no longer necessary to get permission or licenses to create a radio or TV station, and that is very exciting.

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Most modern computers have sensors on them to monitor all of that stuff, but they all do it differently. There are a couple that will do this though.

  • HW Monitor
  • Leo and the chatroom both suggest this one, because it's been around for a long time.

  • Motherboard Monitor
  • Leo's used this one in the past, but it will have to work with his hardware.

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

There are a few different things Tom can check into here:

  • Netalyzer
  • This is from UC Berkeley and will tell him a lot about how his network is configured. It will also point out problem areas he may have.

  • DU Meter
  • This is from Haggletech, and will measure his internet usage up and down.

  • Netstat Live
  • This is from Analog X and is another way to measure upstream and downstream bandwidth usage.

Watch Payam from London, England Comments

Leo advises spending time at XDA Developers Forums and looking up his device. is also a good source. The reason for doing this is to update the phone when wireless providers are reluctant to allow it. He has to use the right instructions, and to the letter too, otherwise he may brick the phone.

So first he'll want to root the phone, which will give him administrator access. Then he should install the Clockwork Mod, and he can try different ROMS from a menu.

Payam also went and saw the 8K Ultra High Definition presentation of the Olympic games in London and he said it was terrific. He said there was so much detail, they really didn't have to zoom in to show more detail. It was really like being there. Leo says with resolution that good, if it ever goes mainstream people will never leave the house! Leo thinks the screens and TVs will become a whole wall in your house.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Fran from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says that Fran needs to be careful trying to buy a third party battery. Lithium-Ion batteries are explosive, and will literally explode if overcharged. All Lithium-Ion batteries that are made well have circuitry to prevent them from being overcharged. So it's always safe to go with a reputable parts provider like Dell itself or a certified Dell parts provider, like

Watch Fran from Los Angeles, CA Comments

It's pretty clear that Intuit doesn't want to make Quicken anymore, but they did buy a company called Mint. This would tie into all of her accounts, and does all of the data entry automatically. Leo trusts it because it's owned by Intuit and the backend they use is a company called Yodlee, which is the same service that the banks use. So they already have her information anyway.

Watch Jackie from San Francisco, CA Comments

Leo doesn't think the Android phones have that same accessibility function as the iPhone. That feature is called "Assistive Touch" on the iPhone and there isn't an equivalent to it on Android. Apple may have even patented it.

Watch Justin from Indianapolis, IN Comments

Justin is thinking of getting a set-top box like GoogleTV or Boxee Box but wants to know how the browsers are. Leo says both GoogleTV and Boxee Box have good browsers, but the Boxee Box has stopped desktop development. GoogleTV is likely going to be the best in the long run. GoogleTV also has a pass through capability so that he could add a satellite, antenna, cable, or even another box and enjoy the internet while watching live TV. Sony has one which is quite good. LG also has one built in to their TVs.

The Vizio Co-Star is like the AppleTV, and at $99, it's probably the one to get when it comes out later this month.

Watch Keith from Tampa, FL Comments

Leo says that Plantronics has a hybrid headset that will switch between bluetooth and the land line, but there are plenty of options.

Another option is Obihai. It links to Google Voice and it'll ring his phone when someone calls his Google Voice number. It's dirt cheap at $37 and there's no monthly service. This doesn't have 911 service though, so it's probably still a good idea to have a landline that has that in addition.

Watch Bob from Downey, CA Comments

Leo says some viruses have keystroke loggers built in that "phone home" with your passwords, but it doesn't look like Babylon does that. If he's worried, though, then he shouldn't take a chance. He should change his passwords regularly. Leo also advises using LastPass, which will generate passwords that are impossible to defeat. Then he'd only have to remember the LastPass password.

Watch Mark from Sydney, AUS Comments

Mark has a ton of mp3s and he wants to put accurate ID3 tags on them. He's used iTunes Match for his songs which adds the ID3 tags, but they aren't accurate. Leo says that Media Monkey is better than iTunes Match and it's far more accurate. It'll give album art in addition to ID3 tags. The tag editor is easy to use and he can do it by batch as well.

The chatroom also suggests Music Brainz Picard, as well as The Godfather.

Amazon also just announced an iTunes Match like service for Amazon Cloud Player. It's $25, and will convert songs to 256kb mp3 with tagging.