How can I protect my laptop from being stolen at a college campus?

Episode 901 (1:26:55)

Lisa from Costa Mesa, CA

Lisa was wondering if there were any companies or foundations that might donate a computer to a student since her son's computer had been stolen. Leo says there isn't much of a chance of that. However, Lisa's home owners insurance may cover the loss, or maybe even her son's car insurance since it was stolen out of his car.

Otherwise, laptops have dropped in price, and once they have a replacement laptop, there are anti-theft devices that can help protect it. Kensington Locks are designed to lock them down at a desk.

There are also tracking utilities such as Lojack for Laptops, or Orbicule. These programs will "phone home" and actually capture pictures when the laptop is in use. She should also make sure to get a good off site backup solution like Carbonite so that all of her son's data will stay intact even if the computer is stolen.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).