Why is my Dell laptop overheating every time I play video?

Episode 900 (2:19:17)

VJ from Woodland Hills, CA

VJ says his Dell Studio computer heats up to 92 degrees centigrade on the GPU. Leo says that the temperature shouldn't be over 70 degrees centigrade, but the chatroom says that it's pretty typical for a graphics processor to run over 100 degrees centigrade. He could look up the GPU and find out what temperature it's rated for.

He tried to get support from Dell, and they replaced the fans, heat sink, and motherboard, but it still had problems a couple weeks later. They replaced the motherboard again, and now he is having other issues. Dell then promised that a tech would call him, but that never happened, and they wouldn't let him talk to someone at their call center in Texas because it would cost him. They also told him to reinstall Windows, which is probably a good idea to do.

He should keep bugging Dell about it because they should fix the problem, especially since it's within his warranty. In fact, he should write a letter or email Michael Dell at michael_dell@dell.com documenting how many hours he's spent trying to troubleshoot it. He should mention that he talked to Leo who suggested writing Michael Dell. He should also include the link to this post where Leo is talking to him about it. He should be polite, and that letter will get to someone who will address his issue.