Why can't I get my Sony Bravia TV to connect to my freeNAS server?

Episode 900 (2:34:21)

Augusto from Lima, Peru

Augusto can't get his Sony Bravia TV to access his media on his freeNAS server, and has to use a PS3 to do it instead. The Bravia has a built-in browser returns an "unknown error" when he tries browsing to his server. It does work when connecting to the Sony pages and other internet sites, though. So the browser is working properly. He does have a web server running on his freeNAS, too, and can access it from other computers.

It most likely is that the TV browser is probably not sophisticated enough to handle authentication the NAS wants, especially since the chatroom says the Sony Bravia browser is IE6! Augusto ultimately would like to access his videos through the TV's interface. He needs a media server on the NAS side, and a client that's compatible on the TV side, and they both need to match. Whether it's DLNA, SMB, Windows Media, they need to match on the server and client side.