What tablet could I replace my current smartphone with?

Episode 899 (2:27:33)

Mike from Los Angeles, CA
Google Nexus 7

Mike's only computer is his Droid X Smartphone and he hates it. He'd like to replace it, and he says he could get a feature phone and a tablet instead. If he had Wi-Fi, Leo would recommend picking up the Google Nexus 7, it's $200, but he would need WiFi.

Since Mike doesn't have Wi-Fi, Leo recommends getting the iPad with 3G access through AT&T or Verizon. Leo's favorite Android Tablet is the Asus Transformer Infinity or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. He should make sure to get the 3G Data though.

He also heard of a $50 unlimited 3G data plan. Leo says it's probably through Virgin Mobile using their MiFi connector. Leo likes that and then he could get the Nexus 7 because he'd have a Wi-Fi connection.