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Watch Chris from Livermore, CA Comments

Leo says that is a reasonable thing to want to do, but Hollywood doesn't want anyone to have access to that pure digital signal. DirecTV and DISH scramble and encode the signal which leaves users with only one choice - the analog hole.

Chris will have to connect the DVR to a video capture card on his computer. Then he can play back the shows and record them into the computer. This is called the "analog hole".

Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Leo says that he fears that the iPhone 5 may be a failure because it's essentially playing catch up to last year's Android models with speed and screen size. The new 19 pin connector also may be a disaster because of how much third party accessories it'll break.

Leo advises people to look at Android at this point. Then again, there's a new Android phone every few weeks and that can be maddening.

Watch Bill from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bill would like a Wi-Fi Radio that will keep it's settings when he moves it from room to room. Leo likes the Mondo by Grace. It has a large LCD screen, supports Pandora, iHeartRadio, Receiva, and has a battery backup so it keeps its settings. It costs about $200.

Another option is the C Crane WiFi Radio which is a little cheaper at $150. The gold standard, though, is Sonos, which supports Amazon Cloud player, Sansa, and Receiva. Each room could play different stations, or he can put in party mode. It is rather pricey, however.

He's also concerned about having to go through Receiva on these radios. Leo says he doesn't have to use that, and even if something were to happen to that directory, the Wi-Fi radio manufacturer could simply push out an update to use something else.

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Watch Zack from Gilbert, AZ Comments

Solid State Drives are great because they don't have the drive latency that spinning disk drives have. They are random access, meaning they don't rely on a head locating data on a disk. They also have no moving parts so they are less likely to break. This makes them much faster than the spinning hard drives.

Before he upgrades to SSD though, he should check to make sure he has hardware to take advantage of it. It could be that the data busses are slow, and the data can't be transferred into memory as fast. If he has SATA 3 or SATA 6, he'll be able to take advantage of the faster speed. Earlier SATA or IDE connectors may not allow for much of a boost in performance.

Then before he buys the SSD, he should visit PCPerspective's SSD Decoder for what SSD drives are best in performance. The current standard is a SanForce controller. OCZ is the best right now. Leo recommends getting a smaller SSD as a boot drive and rely on a bigger hard drive for data.

Zack is also thinking of getting an Asus Zenbook ultrabook. Leo says he just got his and it's gorgeous! Has an SSD drive and is a fantastic computer.

Watch Frank from Canoga Park, CA Comments

Frank has Microsoft Security Essentials on his computer, but when he boots up, something turns off his software firewall. Leo says that's odd because Microsoft Security Essentials turns on the firewall by default when installed. The firewall can offer exceptions, and it may be that Frank allowed something to go through. Leo also says that malware may be the culprit here as the first thing that hackers usually do with malware is turn off the firewall and make it difficult to navigate to an antivirus software site.

One thing Frank can do is run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT). It gets updated pretty regularly and runs by clicking START>>RUN, type "MRT" and enter. Select "full scan," and it'll scan and remove any malware it finds. Frank can also go to and select the Online Scanner option. It'll run an online scan for a "second opinion." If all that comes up clean, then there may be a settings issue with Frank's firewall. Leo also advises removing and reinstalling Microsoft Security Essentials.

From the Chatroom: NetSupport DNA will block all firewall activity. But Leo says that's unlikely because that's an IT selection.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Ben from Cleveland, OH Comments

They're AKG K240s and they're very popular in radio stations and recording studios. They're not only very accurate, but they're extremely comfortable to wear. When he travels, he uses Etymotics In Ear Monitors. They have great models for kids, too.

Watch Lawrence from Oceanside, CA Comments

Leo would first edit the video in iMovie. In there, he can remove the sound track and remix it with music. When he exports the video, he should check the export settings to make sure it's set to export at the highest quality. Josh, in the chatroom says it's easy to "squish the wind noise" by using the equalizer and cutting it by 6DB. That'll lower the wind noise without eliminating the rest of the sound track.

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Watch Zane from Houston, TX Comments

Zane has been looking at the SONY Alpha 65 and wants to know what Leo thinks. Leo says that he doesn't use Sony cameras, he's biased towards Canon and Nikon when it comes to DSLRs. But he hears that the Alpha series gets great reviews. He recommends going to to check out their reviews. A Nikon D3200 would be cheaper and he could add a few lenses for the same price.

One thing to remember when buying a DSLR is that you're buying more of a system, with the lenses being most important. Leo says there's no reason not to buy a Sony camera, though. As far as SD cards go, he should get the fastest card that the camera will support. Leo buys class 10. If he has a faster card, his camera will be able to take more pictures in burst mode, and will be more likely to handle high-defintion recording.

Watch Jerry from Florida Comments

Jerry has an anti virus utility called Vipre, but he still keeps getting viruses. Leo says Vipre isn't very good and recommends ESET Nod 32 for Windows. He should first take Vipre off, and then install NOD32. It's the best security software Leo knows of (Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor). The best free AVS is Microsoft's Security Essentials.

Watch Greg from San Diego, CA Comments

Leo suggest going to, the unofficial Roku database. It has over 1,000 hidden channels that he can add to his Roku Box. Local TV stations simply aren't available, though, unless he uses Areo TV, which is only in New York at the moment. Of course, just using a UHF antenna will give him uncompressed local HDTV.

Watch Bob from Mansfield, OH Comments

Leo says it really depends on how the disc was burned. It's likely the disc has gone bad. There are two ways a disc can be burned. One is to burn the whole thing and finalize it, meaning it can't be altered later. The other is using UDF, meaning he would be able to add to it later. He would need a special driver to read that, and he'd have to finalize that disc before it could be read by other computers.

Since he burned it using Windows Photo utilty, that's probably not the case. If Bob copied the photos to DVD and then deleted the originals, it was inevitable that he'd lose them at some point. DVDs can, and often do, go bad.

It's always best to use a 3-2-1 backup strategy ... three backups, using two formats, and one off site. Check out for more tips on digital asset management.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike's only computer is his Droid X Smartphone and he hates it. He'd like to replace it, and he says he could get a feature phone and a tablet instead. If he had Wi-Fi, Leo would recommend picking up the Google Nexus 7, it's $200, but he would need WiFi.

Since Mike doesn't have Wi-Fi, Leo recommends getting the iPad with 3G access through AT&T or Verizon. Leo's favorite Android Tablet is the Asus Transformer Infinity or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. He should make sure to get the 3G Data though.

He also heard of a $50 unlimited 3G data plan. Leo says it's probably through Virgin Mobile using their MiFi connector. Leo likes that and then he could get the Nexus 7 because he'd have a Wi-Fi connection.

Watch Tiff from Redding, PA Comments

Leo says it's illegal for them to make those calls, but if those people are out of the country, then they don't care. Leo recommends using Google Voice. She can block those calls from there.