Chris Marquardt - Tips from the Top Floor

Episode 898 (1:30:16)

Today Chris is giving general tips for taking good pictures.

  • Get rid of distractions.
  • So many things are going on in pictures now, and it's a good idea to focus on something and filter distractions out. Get up close to remove detail from the background. Limit the photo to 1 subject. Use the background to your advantage. Incorporate the background into the picture.

  • Watch the light.
  • Light can do so much for a photo, like beautiful shadows and reflections for example. It may even be best in some circumstances to have the light source behind the subject, because today's cameras handle it much better than they used to.

  • Use the background to your advantage.
  • Incorporate aspects of the background into your photo. Maybe use a color in the background to contrast with the foreground, and use the background to frame up something in the foreground.

  • Try a different perspective.
  • It's common to take photos from eye-level. Try a frogs-view or a birds-eye-view. Do an impossible perspective, inside a box or a garbage can.

  • Tighten up closer than normal.
  • Right when you're at the point of taking the photo, move in closer and tighten it up even more.

    Assignment of the week: Veggie

    On Flickr, look under "Groups" for "Tech Guy". Upload your photo, tag it with the word "veggie", and submit it to the group pool. Chris will pick 3 representative photos and talk about them in a couple weeks.