What wireless router would you recommend?

Episode 897 (2:02:47)

Paul from Castaic, CA
Airport Extreme

Since Paul is an all Mac household, Leo recommends getting an AirPort Extreme. It's more expensive than other routers, but they're also the best routers. It handles tough situations where there's crowded bandwidth well, and is also very secure. A lot of Linksys routers have a very insecure 'WPS' encryption. This can't be turned off either to make it secure, so Leo can't recommend that.

He's also having issues streaming TV with Carbonite doing backups. While Carbonite is very good about conserving bandwidth, Paul still might not have enough bandwidth to do all of this at once. It also could be that Paul's ad-hoc network isn't allowing Carbonite to see all of the network activity, and it may be using too much bandwidth because of that. The Airport Extreme may help, but it also could be his limited bandwidth.

Paul is using Gordon West's Ham Material, which he heard about on TWiTs HAM Nation.