Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Magazine

Episode 897 (31:25)

Scott joins us to talk about watching the Olympics on a giant projection screen and how Leo's home theater surround sound can cause neighbors in his apartment complex to complain. Scott says that Leo's receiver may have a "midnight mode," which compresses the dynamic range of so that it doesn't make it too loud to pass through walls. It won't give him as much of the theater experience of Surround Sound, but it'll keep the neighbors happy.

There is an option for headphones. The Smyth Realizer for $3500 would give him a simulated Surround Sound with headphones. Some receivers also have Dolby Headphone, which has a pretty convincing simulation of Surround Sound with headphones.

Scott is also enjoying 3D coverage of the Olympics, mostly swimming and gymnastics. The kayaking was also amazing. The opening ceremonies in 3D were stunning. It's available on DirecTV and on any 3D enabled TV or projector. Bad news ... there was too much ghosting (crosstalk). There's a lot of that and it's very distracting. Leo wants to know if fatigue is a factor. Scott says it's a common complaint from viewers, though not for him.

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